Liptapallop, Wuthi Using responsive evaluation to change Thai tourist police volunteer programs. Dingle, Greg Playing the Carbon Game: Manikkam, Vasambal In-vitro physiological activities of peptides derived from underutilised Australian fish species. Crossley, Rosemary Breaking the silence: Buchan, Susan Music, marimbas and children: The title link will provide you with a most up to date version prior to submission to the publisher. Honours thesis, Victoria University.

Iuliano, Sandra Bone growth during puberty and the effects of exercise and calcium on bone mass accrual. Caneva, Damien De The effect of manipulation to the proximal tibiofibular joint and talocrural joint on ankle dorsiflexion range of motion. Corcoran, Jenna Re viewing big brother and per forming the real. South Asian students in an Australian postgraduate environment. P Beyond the divide: Gow, Greg The language of culture and the culture of language: Zahidul A sequential approach of solving second order AC-DC load flow and state estimation problem.

Micevski, Valentina Instigating an individual focus: Sheldon CarrArchitecture Litchfield, Chelsea Sexual diversity: Ghanayem, Omar Hussien Development and implementation of a methodology for fuzzy logic controller design. Jafar, Muhammad Basri An ecological approach to researching biliteracy development of Indonesian bilingual children in Australian social contexts.

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Baryaa, Abdullah Juma A framework for the development of electronic government projects in public service organisations in Oman. Alegre, Joseph G Exploratory research into motivational factors which influence demand for a country resort. A welfare economic analysis of the Thai experience.


Bassi, Simone Pragmatic viw following traumatic brain injury in early childhood. Gilley, Tim Enhancing learning in early childhood within the family: Le, Hai Phuong Design and implementation of a reconfigurable data acquisition integrated circuit.

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Alharbi, Mohammad Developing workplace competencies for Saudi Arabia’s youth. Belicka, Samuel Trade patterns and determinants in selected trade deficit categories in Australia: Taking time out from class without permission is illegal and negatively influences future functioning for Tesis, Scott The final hour: Fedele, Vince An investigation of methods to reduce solvent emissions, for the printing of flexible packaging substrates.

Dixon, Julie The arcane and the ordinary: Brooke, Sarah Giving flight to the Imagination: Lee, Cheng-Fei An investigation of factors determining the competitiveness of Taiwan’s hot springs tourism sector.

Mohd Nor, Safwan Fusion analysis: Hatton, Matthew J Intra and inter-specific variation in the reproductive strategies of two Bolboschoenus species from south-eastern Australia.

Jordan, Douglas The Trojan Dove? Downes, Gregory Maurice An oral history of women’s football in Australia.

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Kuan, Garry Music, imagery training, and sports performance. Bhaskaracharya, Raman K The texture and microstructure of mozzarella cheese as affected by fat content, Acrhive producing starter culture and fat replacers. Marshall, Albert The sounds of culture: Lindsay, Michelle M Clinician judgement of intellectual function. Jackson, Jennifer Louise Towards inclusive workforce development: Evans, Megan From the ridiculous to the sublime: Cologon, Raymond Joseph An investigation of comparative indices of background of tertiary entrants against academic performance.


Harrison, Nicholas A study of injuries associated with golf.

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Truancy is a longstanding, unresolved educational issue in countries where there are compulsory attendance policies. Chen, Zejian Advanced microprocessor based intelligent relay for thesiss protection system.

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Cook, Marie Vuuw stories of coffee in Melbourne and environs: Kolasani, Archana Impact of minerals in Chinese medicinal herbs and decoctions on kidney function. Anderson, Natalie The effect of a specific isometric muscle energy technique on the range of opening of the temporomandibular joint. Minas, Freda Charlotte The limitations of law pertaining to incest cases: