Choose Language Gaeilge English. Guidelines on preparing a business plan available here. Financial assistance towards technological advancement includes feasibility study grants, research and development grants, grants towards licensing and joint ventures. These criteria will be used to assess the preparation and implementation of the language plans. Feasibility study grants are available to allow you to assess the viability of your business idea.

We provide a range of financial assistance schemes that may be applicable to you. These companies were operating in the fields of traditional manufacturing and medical devices, along with the TV sector. What is a Language Planning Lead-Organisation? Questions over attendance of top official at broadband committee. How do I find out about activities and classes in my area?

Hopes Údarás na Gaeltachta plan will attract people back into Gaeltacht areas

Further information about the Language Planning Areas and the electoral divisions. A Gaeltacht brand will be promoted to visually represent the enterprise and heritage of the regions, while language, culture and landscape will be central to the promotion of the Gaeltacht under a gaeltachtaa tourism development initiative.

Choose Language Gaeilge English. Community organisations and cooperatives; 7.

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New album of Rory Gallagher’s music features unreleased tracks. How long do organisations have to make an application? This is a great opportunity for Gaeltacht communities to receive direct investment and raise awareness of language issues in each area. More From The Irish Examiner. busindss

udaras na gaeltachta business plan

The additional resources that have been granted to develop this technological ecosystem are greatly welcomed and will give us an opportunity to attract the Gaeltacht diaspora back to their communities. A wide range of job creating enterprises qualify for state aid according to the Regional and Training Aid guidelines.

The language planning criteria set out the key areas that should be taken into consideration in any language plan that will be prepared naa the future for the Language Planning Areas.


Significant challenges lie ahead of the organisation, which we will meet with enthusiasm and determination in order to ensure a Gaeltacht that is stronger both linguistically and as a community.

This is now the true beginning of a udarass to preserve the language in the Gaeltacht and we welcome the resources that will be available to communities for the implementation of their plans.

The main objective of the strategy published yesterday include the approval of 1, jobs over its lifetime, and supporting 8, full-time jobs in client companies. Follow the Irish Examiner.

udaras na gaeltachta business plan

Gaeltacta action plan for natural resources is to be developed and implemented, with the Gaeltacht seaweed sector to be the subject of research to identify value-added products.

The brand will act as a stamp of approval for everything that originates in the Gaeltacht and will be a visual representation of the vibrancy, enterprise, cultural richness, provenance and unique language of the Gaeltacht regions.

Find here a copy of the Statutory Instruments which outline the language planning gaeltschta for the Gaeltacht Language Planning Areas. Physical planning and development; The creation of digital high-speed broadband hubs in Gaeltacht areas and the islands is part of a strategy to attract back emigrants and help create 1, jobs. More on this topic. Employment in client companies paln Donegal is now at its highest level in 10 years. In the last number of years, an emphasis was placed on the recovery and stability of the companies.

It is planned as a low-carbon marine innovation park, where enterprise, researchers, public bodies and State development agencies will work together. Irish-Language Networks are areas which have achieved gaeltadhta basic critical mass of community and State support for the Irish language.


Brexit Challenges and International Policies There are not many certainties regarding Brexit, except that it will have a significant effect on the economy of this country.

udaras na gaeltachta business plan

However, a portion of the portfolio is not fit for purpose and require comprehensive renovations, and the announcement of additional capital resources will allow the organisation to undertake this work gradually. Plants you can pop on your patio for summer. We will continue the distribution and growth of the brand among companies, organisations and communities in the Gaeltacht in New olan setting up in the Gaeltacht area may be eligible for financial and non-financial assistance.

It is encouraging to see the number of High Potential Start Ups that we have buxiness this year and the appointment of the first Language Planning Officers throughout the Gaeltacht is reassuring. Social and recreational gaelachta and What are the main areas of economic activity in the Gaeltacht?

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Tourism There will be a specific focus in on the strategic development of tourism in the Gaeltacht, along with the enablement and development of tourist facilities and products.

This is the organisation that will be selected for each Language Planning Area to prepare and implement a language plan.

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