It is important that you help children with additional needs as they often require extra support from a teaching assistant or school support worker. Children and young people can experience prejudice and discrimination in many ways. Experiences of prejudice and discrimination can affect children and young people in many ways. My other setting, Old Town School and Nursery, help value and promote cultural diversity by having a welcome sign, written in different languages from English and French to Arabic and Polish, outside the Reception classroom. Children and young people can also experience discrimination through labelling of a group because of prejudice i. It also requires schools to promote inclusion, disability and race equality for all.

Inclusive practice is based on the social model of disability. They had a whiteboard and pen to help them remember what they found out. Children Act and Children Act updated — The act sets out the duty of Local Authorities to provide services according to the needs of children and to ensure their safety and welfare. You can also have individual discrimination where policies and procedures allow practice which directly or indirectly discriminates against someone. This act also made it illegal, whether directly or indirectly, to discriminate.

Newer Post Older Post Home. By promoting the rights of children and young people, they will feel like they belong and it will help tad their self-esteem. Another way to promote anti-discriminatory practice is through eliminating stereotypes i.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The school must also monitor the strengths and weaknesses in their tad. The social model of disability is based on the assumption that a way the school operates, what barriers are present and how different attitudes can prevent individuals from participating in society.

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The act covers all forms including that of young and older pupils. Haven’t found the Essay You Want? It is important that you promote anti-discriminatory practice in your work with children and young people in order to create an essy environment where everyone can enjoy and achieve.


It also helps to promote education through books but also by facing different cultural issues in the classroom and how to overcome them. By promoting and valuing cultural diversity we can live with freedom from bias because as we interact with people of eessay cultures on a daily basis there should be no scope for people to gather and from baseless prejudices or feelings of superiority.

These policies must also include the strategies in which the school use to monitor the difference that the policies make to individuals and the school. We will write a custom sample essay on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion specifically for you.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Essay

Ezsay is essential that all children are allowed to participate in activities that will broaden their horizons i. Understanding the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and young people.

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Mostly prejudice can occur because of a lack of knowledge and understanding in diversity which is way it is imperative that we value and promote this through our practice. This highlighted the principle that all humans have the same rights and should be treated equally. Bibliography Burnham, L Baker, Tfa supporting teaching and learning in schools primary Heinemann work based learning Essex Related posts: With older children they are more aware of the ways in which they are different from their peers meaning that their actions could have more serious side affects on the person being discriminated against.

tda 3.6 essay

Reducing the gap of educational achievement between different ethnic groups Improving the relationships between different racial groups Improving the behaviour of pupils Promoting greater involvement of parents and community Ensuring staff working in the school reflect cultural diversity of the society Creating an admissions policy which does not discriminate. Non-belief is also covered by these regulations. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

This sets outs the ways in which schools promote equality of opportunity and promote positive attitudes towards staff, pupils and others with disabilities.

Inclusive practice is defined as: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


Direct discrimination can be: Self-esteem and positive group identity Fulfilment of individual potential. It is also imperative that you ensure you are aware of the needs of all the children you work with for example if they have EAL or SEN, if they are new to the school, if they have a different culture or ethnicity or if they are eessay foster care. Together this legislation prevents services from discriminating against any group tdz race, gender or disability.

Having a sense of belonging Recognising, accepting and celebrating of differences and similarities Understanding the medical and social model of disability.

Also they may feel they know an answer but then they may esxay to doubt their answer and then will not 36 their hand being too afraid they may get it wrong. Promoting anti-discriminatory practice I feel would need to be done by having dssay relationships with all children and adults as individuals, show respect to a child that offers their opinion by communicating with them, support children who have additional needs the same way you support a child without, encourage a child to express their beliefs with other children and allow the other children to explore this in order for them to gain an understanding, challenge any discriminative behaviour if it occurs in the correct manner and promote individuality.

Under this act schools must also actively promote equal opportunities and positive relationships between all groups of children and there is a statutory requirement on schools to encourage inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream schools.

tda 3.6 essay

It is vital in your work with children and young people that you apply principles in the way in which you form relationships in school both with adults and children and also through acting as a role model. Posted by Unknown at 6: