See the revalidation process below. Typically, a student will have at most a single day to complete the written questions from each committee member. The programs are designed to encourage students to make contributions that advance their field of expertise. In the event of a failure, one repetition will be permitted and a reexamination date will be negotiated with the doctoral committee. Students enrolled in programs leading to certification or licensure must meet all current certification and licensure requirements, regardless of the catalog chosen. See University Procedure For more information contact the Compliance Office at

Specialized, elective, and topical coursework 37 sem. In order to proceed to the oral exam, a student must pass the written exam, as determined by the committee. The College of Graduate Studies checks your document for required formatting; we do not read your content. List the preliminary pages, beginning with the abstract, and include all headings and subheadings used in the manuscript. More detailed information about the requirements for individual degree programs may be found in the sections pertaining to those programs. Page Numbers – Bottom center -.

For more information, contact the Program Specific Coordinator. Faculty, Regents, and Administration.

A student who is in good standing may petition for a leave of absence of no more than two full academic terms and the maximum number of Leave of Absence requests is two. For students staying beyond five years, in a number of cases there is still the possibility of a programmatic or individual exemption from the rule.

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Courses at the level and higher are limited to students admitted to a doctoral program, or students who have permission from the program coordinator or course instructor. For more information contact the Compliance Office at The College of Science and Engineering offers two degrees: Message from the President.


Any exceptions to these rules must have the approval of the Graduate Dean. List the preliminary pages, beginning with the abstract, and include all headings and subheadings used in the manuscript. General Academic Policies and Regulations.

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Students on graduate assistantships must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours per long semester See Graduate Assistantships. Therefore, a student who lacks adequate academic preparation in a particular subject area, but who is otherwise well-qualified to enter the graduate program, may be required to complete appropriate undergraduate course work in addition to that specified for the graduate degree. An admission committee will consider all qualifications, including professional and personal qualifications, in making admission decisions.

A student will not be placed on scholastic probation in a graduating semester if the cumulative GPA is 3. The Texas State Legislature has enacted a rule that provides that students at all state universities with over 99 doctoral hours may be subject to dcotoral payment of nonresident tuition.

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Students interested in serving as graduate assistants should contact the coordinator of their graduate program to check availability. The following rule applies to these courses, with the exception of degrees offered jointly. The page numbers should run consecutively throughout the rest of the narrative text.

In addition to the general Transfer of Credit Policy, specific requirements must be met for courses that may transfer for terminal degree credit. General Academic Policies and Regulations. All figures and tables must also conform to these margins. Courses beyond the semester hour limit will need to be retaken.


tamucc doctoral dissertation

Consideration for requests submitted after the degree time limit has expired will be impacted by evidence doctorl successful continuous progress towards the degree, programmatic changes, and faculty availability. Students accepted to the Marine Biology PhD Program with an MS degree in an appropriate discipline must complete a minimum of 64 hours of coursework and research. College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Graduate students interested in becoming teaching assistants in the First-Year Seminar Program should contact the Co-Directors of the University Core Curriculum Program for information.

Program in Marine Biology should first contact the program faculty and identify a faculty member will to serve as the graduate advisor. The advisor s will serve as chair s of the committee.

The committee may admit persons with lower levels of the above indicators of academic history if a professional and personal qualifications are unusually strong and b the student demonstrates a diwsertation degree of proficiency on a writing sample administered and scored by the admission committee.

See the revalidation process below.

tamucc doctoral dissertation

Extension, correspondence study credit, continuing education unit CEUand similar professional credits will not be ttamucc toward graduate degrees. College of Liberal Arts. College of Science and Engineering. The student will choose a doctoral committee chair from among the regular graduate faculty members of the doctoral program.