Any prospectus supplement will contain the names of the underwriters, dealers or agents, if any, together with the terms of offering, the compensation of those underwriters and the net proceeds to us. In that event, you could recognize gain or loss on the debt securities you give back to us. The remainder of this description summarizes:. Clearstream and Euroclear have established an electronic bridge between their two systems across which their respective participants may settle trades with each other. In order to achieve covenant defeasance, we must do the following:. DTC participants include securities brokers and dealers, banks, trust companies and clearing corporations, and may include other organizations. Fukakusa and James Archer-Shee his or her true and lawful attorneys-in-fact and agents, with full power of substitution and resubstitution, for him or her and in his or her name, place and stead, in any and all capacities, to do any and all things and execute any and all instruments that such attorney may deem necessary or advisable under the U.

There are legal limitations on the extent to which some of our subsidiaries may extend credit, pay dividends or otherwise supply funds to, or engage in transactions with, us or some of our other subsidiaries. If we accomplish covenant defeasance, you can still look to us for repayment of the debt securities if there were a shortfall in the trust deposit. The following discussion of full defeasance and covenant defeasance will be applicable to each series of debt securities that is denominated in U. We provide personal and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, corporate and investment banking and transaction processing services on a global basis. A prospectus supplement may also add, update or change information in this prospectus. Before you bypass the trustee and bring your own lawsuit or other formal legal action or take other steps to enforce your rights or protect your interests relating to the debt securities the following must occur:. The initials RBC are used as a prefix for our business and operating subsidiaries, all of which operate under the master brand name of RBC Financial Group.

In this summary, we describe the meaning of only some of the more important terms. The underwriters may then resell the securities in one or more transactions, at any time or times at a fixed public offering price or at varying prices. You must look to the indentures for the most complete description of what we describe in summary form in this prospectus.


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In addition, investors who hold their interests through both DTC and Euroclear or Clearstream may need to make special arrangements to finance any purchases or sales of their interests between the U.

Reference to the indenture or the trustee, with respect to any debt securities, means the indenture under which those debt securities are issued and the trustee under that indenture.

Accordingly, the debt securities will be structurally subordinated to all existing and future liabilities of our subsidiaries, and holders of debt securities should look only to our assets for payments on the debt securities. This is called a declaration of acceleration of maturity. Changes Requiring a Majority Vote.

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This prospectus is a part of that Registration Statement, and it does not contain all of the information set forth in the Registration Statement. The tables below sets forth the high and low daily noon buying rates, the average yearly rate and the rate at period end between Canadian dollars and U. Investment in these securities is subject to various risks including those risks inherent in conducting the business of a diversified financial institution. The indentures and their associated documents contain the full legal text of the matters affaris in this section.

Year Ended October 31. Thus, investors who wish to exercise rights that expire on a particular day may need to act before the expiration date.

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Approximate date of Commencement of proposed sale to the public: We are a Canadian chartered bank. We may also make changes or obtain waivers that do not adversely affect in any material respect a particular debt security, even if they affect other debt securities. The subordination provisions of the subordinated debt indenture are governed by the laws of the Province affaids Ontario and the persona laws of Canada applicable therein.

However, we may not take any of these actions unless all the following conditions are met:. Subordinated Debt Securities Subordinated Indebtedness. Thus, by owning a debt security, you are one of our unsecured creditors.

In this section, we describe special considerations that will apply to registered securities issued in global i. We may, however, issue a global security that represents multiple securities of the same kind, such as debt securities, that have different terms and are issued at different times.


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Debt securities will not be considered outstanding, and therefore not eligible to vote, if we have given a notice of redemption and deposited or set aside in trust for the holders money for the payment or redemption of the debt securities.

We have no control over those systems or their participants and we take no responsibility for their activities. Those systems may not be open for business on days when banks, brokers and other financial institutions are open for business in the United States. Unless otherwise stagement in your prospectus supplement, we will issue each security in book-entry form only. Thus, an investor whose security is represented by a global security will not be a holder of the security, but only an indirect owner of an interest in the global security.

The statemdnt supplement relating to e-from debt securities will also describe any special considerations and any material additional tax considerations applicable to such debt securities. Special Considerations for Indirect Owners.

rbc personal statement of affairs e-form 1403

These participating institutions, in turn, hold beneficial interests in the securities on behalf stxtement themselves or their customers. Investors must consult their own banks, brokers or other financial institutions, to find out how to have their interests in a global security transferred on termination to their own names, so that they will be holders.

Where appropriate, the applicable prospectus supplement wffairs describe the Canadian and U. For example, once we make a payment or give a notice to the registered holder, we have no further responsibility for that payment or notice even if that holder is required, under agreements with depositary participants or customers or by law, to pass it along to the indirect owners but does not do so.

If less than all of the securities are being redeemed, DTC will determine the amount of the interest of each direct participant to be redeemed perrsonal accordance with its then current procedures.

rbc personal statement of affairs e-form 1403