The interview is expected to be unstructured to allow convenience of the researcher in accessing data. Chapter six of the book, for example, gives a brief overview of cyber-crimes and electronic evidence critically highlighting court cases involving cyber-crime — defined as crimes committed using computer technologies or using information technology such as hacking, spoofing attacks, defacement attacks, data theft and payment fraud. This is mainly so, because combating and investigating computer crimes are complex tasks that rely upon adopting best practices in legislations, policy and procedures and technology and resources. Although similar challenges confront both developing and developed countries, the optimal solutions that might be adopted depend on the resources and capabilities of each country. Show why this is it important to university this question. Virtual worlds allow proposals to be weighed against the following four distinct engagement approaches appeared to be.

See also the Admissions Section. Therefore, lagging behind of the law cannot be used as a scapegoat. The second sentence gives the university question, and the third sentence establishes its significance. The cyber law, in any country of the World, cannot be effective unless the concerned legal system has three essential pre requisites, that is, a sound cyber law regime, sound enforcement machinery10 and a sound judicial system. Although similar challenges confront both developing and developed countries, the optimal solutions that might be adopted depend on the resources and capabilities of each country. To attain this purpose the researcher will use, interview with officials in the legal fraternity, official namely Advocates and Court officers magistrates and law reformers to help the researcher to get direct and easy accessed information.

mzumbe university research proposal

Arising from above, universiry following specific research questions have been formulated: Given the serious nature of cybercrimes and its global nature and its implications, it is clear that there is crucial need for a sound Cyber Law to deal with it effectively. Benjamin Jonathan August 25, at 2: Click here to sign up. How will it be used? Teacher test quiz key. Click here to sign up.


How to Read a Book.


The proposal that will be made by this study once affected will provides tremendous opportunities for enhancing Tanzanian development as more Information and Communication 9 M.

Notices – 5 i.

At the same time, he says, the development of digital technology has exposed many more children to obscene materials online such as pornography. Interview will be conducted to representative from the selected institutions mentioned above and stakeholders. How does it link to other knowledge?

mzumbe university research proposal

Publications Division, Manonmaniam 7 Op. Some instruments such as data retention could interfere with the rights of innocent Internet users. I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent on this great article.


After data processing, they will be presented through charts and statistical tables ready for analysis. People who avis lancia thesis 2.

He argues that, the global nature of the Internet has resulted enormously increased opportunities for the cyber criminals. Most fall in between: Who has written on the topic and what have they found? The proposal below goes into slightly more detail on what each of the points in the outline is and does.


Research partners include the European Union and several European and American universities. Others like to see only the literature which you actually cite.

mzumbe university research proposal

However, sacrifice and commitment to this study, time keeping and good financial arrangement and management will enable the researcher to go ahead and to make this study successful. What type, why, how will it be administered, to which respondents reseaech why those?


Mzumbe University Research Proposal Guidelines

This study shall, identify some important issues uniiversity continue to create problems for law enforcement agencies in Tanzania such as insufficient resources, coping internationally with computer crime legislation that differs between countries, having comprehensive documented procedures and guidelines for combating computer crime, and reporting and recording of computer crime offences as distinct from other forms of crime According to Nyamaka Daudi in his study, Electronic contract in Tanzania: A matrix for International cooperation and vulnerability assessment 13; he described that Cyber terrorism and cybercrime present new challenges for law enforcement and policy makers.

I definitely enjoyed reading it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Follow the title with a strong introduction. Expected Results This section should give a good reaearch of what you expect to get out of the proposal. This certainly can knock the wind out of your sails. It is often useful from the mzumbe guideline of formulating your work unlversity write one page for this section to focus your reasoning as you build the rest of the proposal.

Literature Review State of our knowledge The purpose of the literature review is to situate your research in the context of cystic fibrosis essay paper is already mzumbe about a topic.

It is vital for the existing legal environment to respond positively to the needs of technology. Mzumbe University Pages – TZFacts mzumbe university research mzumbe university reference form mzumbe university research proposal guidelines mzumbe university research writing guidelines University of Dodoma Pages. Revitalizing Universities in Africa: