What was the final result? Composite structural system – Selection and recommendation of composite structural systems for various building types. Huawei Global – English. In line with its operating principles regarding safety, efficiency, service, and the environment, the airport has selected the most reliable product to facilitate delivering high-level service quality to maximize customer satisfaction. Though the tangible heritages being conserved and the conservation projects may not be sizable, the social impact created is immeasurable and the social bonding strengthened is priceless. Pile Design and Construction Practice, M.

Search for a nearby reseller and get direct contact information. With the hanging fabric in the ceiling and the free-form furniture around the stage, together with the natural or artificial lighting of the space, we invite you, the visitors, to enjoy the exhibition in a space with an interesting juxtaposition of artificial and natural setting. Site Design and Paper 7: If a candidate needs to drink water e. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Violation may lead to the disqualification of the candidate from the Professional Assessment paper concerned.

Appendices The following may be attached in the Case Study as appendices: What did not work? Appeal result normally will be released 8 weeks after the close of appeal application period.

Hong Kong Airport Gets Uninterruptible Power

The decision of the disciplinary committee shall be confirmed in the announced results for Paper 8. I hereby etudy that I will observe and comply fully with the above conditions.

Core Reading List 1. Any person found to be using false identity shall be liable to expulsion from the assessment and legal actions may also be taken against both the candidate and the substitute in such cases. Candidates who encounter difficulty in engaging an adviser may approach the HKIA Secretariat for assistance. Admission of Non-Local Architectural Professionals 3.


Hong Kong International Airport Essay

The file size is limited to 20MB. Any period of local or overseas experience shorter than 5 consecutive months shall not be counted. Structure and Architecture, 2nd Edition, Angus J.

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General understanding of the various means of resolution of contractual disputes including arbitration, mediation, litigation etc. Experience in Associated Professions a Experience gained in an tkpic profession under the direct supervision of an office supervisor who is an HKIA member or fellow, and a registered architect may be counted in full and up to a maximum of 12 months.

Please refer to Appendix A.

Through Professional Assessment the HKIA emphasises the need for candidates to be acquainted with the basic principles underlying the professional practice of architecture, with particular reference to Hong Kong conditions.

Disagreement with the decision of the assessors, illness or medical-related circumstances shall not be accepted as grounds for review.

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Fundamentals of Building Construction: At the end of the studg, they will be told to stop writing, and remain seated quietly until all question booklets and answer scripts have been collected and checked. For items ef and goriginals must be submitted in person or by post to the HKIA before the registration deadline.

The airport needed an Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS suited to the power requirements of the logistics system and fully adaptable to the environmental conditions. Being born and raised in an overly developed environment, Humphrey believes design is all about rediscovering humanities. Conservation is not only about retaining the tangible heritages, hkiw also about upholding the intangible bonding between people that the heritages belong to.

How the problems could have been handled or resolved more effectively? Format Design vignette, drawing, open-book s;ecial Please refer to Appendix I and Appendix J for guidelines on open-book arrangement and declaration form Duration 6 hours Notes It is not possible to provide a bibliography that topkc covers the field of integrated design.


Examples of possible subjects include: Please refer to Appendix C: Grounds for improvement in future? Format Each candidate will be interviewed by a panel of three interviewers speial by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

However, if one looks closely at the pictures of Hong Kong, one will discover that the tall buildings are set in front of the beautiful mountains and along the Victoria Harbour winding coastlines. Please refer to Appendix F.

hkia case study special topic

Curtain walls and cladding systems – The ability to assess the appropriate fixing and construction details related to curtain walls and cladding systems including the incorporation of movement joints. Abstraction of Landscape The exhibition venue design expresses the often-forgotten landscape of Hong Kong in an abstract way.

Candidates who re-sit Papers 3, 4 and 5 in the same year are required to pay the respective paper fee only. Procedures for handling cases of plagiarism The subject hjia Chair of Paper 8 shall report all cases of alleged plagiarism identified by the subject panel to the disciplinary committee, which shall be composed of the Chair of Professional Assessment Committee PAC and two HKIA members appointed by the PAC Chair, who are not on the Paper 8 subject panel.

Appropriate structural system – Sufficient awareness and understanding stkdy order to select appropriate structural systems and components for various building types, and assess the effect of building functions on the selection of a structural system.