This region has been suffering from flooding of saline water since last couple of decades. They tried to survive in the areas for at least one week after Aila. National Strategies may consider the following propositions: It is estimated that more than million people may be displaced permanently from their traditional habitat due to cyclone, tidal surge and river bank erosion combined with high saline water intrusion Remember me on this computer.

A mammoth amount of money needed for building civic infrastructures like housing, electricity, water and sanitation facilities which are quite difficult for Bangladesh. The migrated people are mostly from Koyra Upazila The specific objectives of this study are: The Government of Bangladesh was praised domestically and internationally for its implementation of effective disaster management projects that have reduced death tolls in Cyclone Aila and future cyclones that have struck the country it since. It is already reported that fishermen are under high debts as a consequence of loss of livelihoods due to the increased rough sea events and many of them are contemplating out-migration from the coastal zone The study is conducted in the slums of Khulna city where the cyclone Aila victims had taken shelter after losing their houses and traditional occupations.

In India, at least people were killed, [11] [12] two by electrocution, and hundreds others were left homeless as torrential rains led to flooding. CLEAN was established in with active participation of like-minded persons and environmental groups. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

The Real Migration Crisis. In the Bhola District of Bangladesh, an estimatedpeople evacuated to higher areas and shelters as Ail neared landfall. For the first time in their life, the Aila affected people depend on outer sources for drinking water. Health Services government institutions have shown their reluctant to readmit of the migrant children.


International Journal of Disaster Risk Science. High waves produced by the storm inundated coastal villages, forcing residents to evacuate to safer areas. The Red Cross also quickly responded, supplying water purifying tablets and other relief items.

Stern Review on the Ycclone of Climate Change.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

The next day, the army used helicopters to provide food to the affected population. But the national xila local newspapers reported that at leastpeople had to migrate to the cities including the neighbouring countries due to the disaster Due to elevation of the areas are bellow the mean sea level, whole the areas including agricultural and homestead land, roads and paths, educational institutions, local markets everything has gone under salty water just 68 Wikipedia undated.

Famous US environmentalist and the founder of the Earth Policy Institute Lester Brown used the term of Environmental Refugee to attribute the emergence of addressing displaced people forced by environmental degradation and impacts of climate change This may happened from unity of socioeconomic condition, insecurity of job and also urban amenities related unconsciousness. According to some researcher and advocates, climate change cannot be proved as a driver of forced migration because it has been observed that frequent migration happened in those xila where political instability is high Besides other sector livelihoods contributed to 8.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

Retrieved May 27, Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Consequently, the study team depended on the oral citations of respondents to select resettlement areas and respondents. Towards an Integration of Engineering. A Worst-case Scenario, Foundation for the Future. But due to social rituals and superstitions women are not interested to take part in any discussion with outsiders.


Some intervening factors that facilitate or restrict migration include ease of transportation, family or social networks, economic ties and government policies such as trade and investment linkages, or social and cultural exchanges. Washim Bin Habib, Life was paralysed in Satabhaya and Kanhupur villages in Kendrapara district after tidal waves lashed into human settlements since yesterday, forcing residents bang,adesh shift to higher grounds and safer places.

Cyclone Aila

So, a different global policy under UN system is essential now for 43 N. Consequently, they urged global leadership to initiate appropriate measures for tackling the depressing future.

cyclone aila bangladesh case study

The data shows that the earning members who are responsible to maintain their family members’ expenditure migrated first from the communities. Actual distances are not shown for Destination out of Box. Contrarily, microcredit organizations have visited those slums and other shelters to realising the instalments.

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Ensuring Environmental Impact Assessment EIA and community participation through public hearing before undertaking mega-projects in the coastal region; 5. Situation Reports for Cyclone Aila. Additionally, bilateral and multilateral negotiations with developed countries are important for safe migration of the CIDPs in abroad; 3.