However if you feel that your assignment was not fairly graded you may: We are doing a little probabilistic experiment in CS Attendance to lectures is mandatory. The audio for Friday’s lecture gave out half way through the mic ran out of bateries. This quarter CS is using Piazza to facilitate questions. CS Data Science cs Answered Sep 23,

You get to bring together programming and probability. Course Components Lectures The class consists of two weekly lectures and one lab, which is designed as a class activity. Contact the grader by emailing the helpline with subject line “Regrade HW1: All the lecture handouts are new and new handouts come with typos. How do I access the problem sets from Harvard CS?

It seemed that the homework notebooks were being accessed and turned in through a private GitHub organization that was made for the course. The instructor will go over practice problems similar to the homework problems and review difficult material.

You get to bring together programming and probability. The book is available here: Thanks for your positive feedback on the course!

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However, when it came time to do anything more interesting than plotting data, the course was very shallow many homework assignments boiled down to “fill in this space with a function that takes this as input and outputs that”. Post the question in Piazza and hopefully your peers will answer.


I haven’t looked at the homeworks closely since I was on sabbatical last year, but I think they are also public and would also provide very useful additional practice.

cs109 homework 2015

I ran into this problem a few months ago. The homeworks are only cs19 for registered students in the course. The EdX one seems much more high level without any python or deep learning. Labs will also be videotaped only for distant students. You can use this LaTex template custom made for CS problem sets. For dates see the Course Calendar. On the Small Number of Atoms in the Universe.

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How does it compare to ? I completed CS course from Harvard, which other courses other than CS shall I take for a career as a data scientist? How deep does your stats knowledge need to be to understand this? IqbtX e nxIr d v u vg.

As a reminder, yesterday was the last lecture of the quarter. I disagree with others here I wasn’t a huge fan of the class. There are two types of sections: The feedback you provide will help us show you homewkrk relevant content in the future. Chris Piech piech cs.

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Is CS still worth taking after CS? Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I looked forward to getting to be part of your probability learning journey. NYT Article on Stats. I took this class last year some variations, less material covered more deeply and it was a great survey course for someone who had programming experience but was lacking xs109 stats and ML ohmework On a similar vein, The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled New Hiring Formula Values Math Pros talking about how employers are seeking computer scientists with training in statistics and probability.


The audio for Friday’s lecture gave out half way through the mic ran out of bateries. Sections Lectures and labs are supplemented by 1 hour sections led by teaching fellows.

cs109 homework 2015

Find out by taking a free full-length practice cs10. We are doing a little probabilistic experiment in CS Or did you take it when it was only one semester?

No official communication or announcements will be done via Piazza. For private matters send an email to the Helpline: I imagine it worked well for managing the homeworks