Located in the Virginia state capital of Richmond, the University of Richmond is a private liberal arts college. With an interdisciplinary approach to learning, Skidmore offers 43 majors in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Part of that is your grades: Notables As part of their mission to create global citizens, Soka University of America includes a study abroad experience in the tuition cost—ensuring that every undergraduate student will spend a semester living in another culture. At Colgate, students experience the small classes and community spirit of a residential college, with the course selection of a larger university. DePauw University is divided into the College of Liberal Arts and the School of Music, which brings a unique performing-arts orientation to the school. And according to the Bureau of Labor Services , starting salaries are on the rise for those with a liberal arts education.

If you have any questions on the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact Tammy Troup in the Library Office: Popular majors at Smith include: All students earn a Bachelor of Science in one of 25 majors, which they choose in conversation with academic and military advisors. Title Page see sample – The names of the advisor and the department chair must be typed below the signature. At Colgate, students experience the small classes and community spirit of a residential college, with the course selection of a larger university. Enter Degree Type Select Department:

And for students who want to take some time off before starting college, Trinity College just introduced J-Start—an innovative program that matriculates students in January, rather than September.

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First-year student Natasha Bassett has been at Bucknell for little more than a semester, but she is already contributing to Clapp’s research on enzymes. There are liberal arts colleges that focus on politics and government, some that offer STEM-focussed programs, and some specialize in the social sciences or even the performing arts. For close to two centuries, DePauw University has been setting a high standard for liberal arts studies. Overview Located in Northampton, Massachusetts, Smith College is a renowned private liberal arts college for women that ranks at 12 nationally among national liberal arts colleges U.


Bowdoin College students have freedom to construct an educational plan within breadth and distribution requirements.

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And thesos school offers both breadth and depth in its academic programs—including interdisciplinary majors—as well as research opportunities and international study. Each student nominated to the Honors Program should have the support of two faculty members one may be Bucknell Affiliated Staff in the students major. These programs bring with them myriad opportunities for independent research and experiential learning.

Not at Gettysburg College.

What is the format of the thesis defense? A major part of being a Wesleyan student is exploring interests outside academics. Popular majors at Vassar include: To be accepted into the Honors Program, a student must submit an honors proposal for approval by the advisor, co-advisor or second reader in the student’s major, and the Honors Council.

And with eleven world-class research institutes and centers, Claremont McKenna College has an exceptionally high number of undergraduate students taking part in high-level research with faculty—with whom they develop strong relationships. Set on a gorgeous and historic New England campus in Amherst, Massachusetts, Amherst College is a top-ranking, private liberal arts college with a reputation for both innovation and academic excellence U.

And the data is clear. News and World Report —but is also notable for being one of the few elite liberal arts colleges to offer an ABET-accredited Engineering program.

bucknell honors thesis calendar

Students, with their advisors, complete a ” Thesis Progress and Intent to Defend ” electronic form, and select a co-advisor or second reader for hpnors defense committee.

The Honors Program at Bucknell University is designed to encourage intellectual independence and to recognize academic excellence.

Honors Thesis Proposal

Acceptance into the Bucknell Honors Program is determined by the student’s written proposal and overall academic record in their major. Do not omit the abstract, as it is crucial for librarians cataloguing the thesis.

Program Features At College of the Holy Cross, academic exploration is fueled by a sense of intellectual adventure. Do I need to apply to Honors Program before my junior year of College?


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Program Features The goals of St. Usually, approval is straightforward for such projects. Please contact the Honors Council chair in the fall semester one year before graduation to arrange a time for submission of the proposal.

Title Page see sample – The names of the advisor and the department chair must be typed below the signature. The founding member of the elite Seven Sisters colleges for women, Mount Holyoke College is a historic—and pioneering—private liberal arts college. At Holy Cross, there is much to explore outside the classroom as well—the school boasts state-of-the-art facilities, which include a fitness center, athletic facilities, and exceptional arts spaces. The city of Walla Walla is noted for being one of the friendliest places to live, and the mild climate means outdoor exploration takes place year-round.

West Point ranks at 12 among national liberal colleges and as the top public national liberal arts college in the country U.

The departmental academic assistant can help schedule the room and post notification about the defense. CMC students experience the best of the small residential college atmosphere—with a student to faculty ratio of 9: Economics Biology English Language and Literature Notables To understand the possibilities of a Williams College education, take a look at one of their hallmark academic encounters—the tutorial.

Some examples that some students or faculty might not think of include surveys and interviews. Nomination to the Honoes University Honors Program is based on your academic performance at Bucknell and your potential to independently complete research within your major.