He was wearing a simple full sleve shirt This season Arun’s got quite a few new flavours to pep up its range. In one of the case studies, Prof made us do role-plays where anyone was picked up by him and then made to behave how the way that person would have actually behaved in the real situation. It was great to be a part of this journey. These facts have been gathered from the case written by professors Abraham Koshy and Venkiteswaran and the question answer session we had with Chandramogan. Let me the first to congragulate you on that.

Spices Board of India: For this the company proposes to pay a lumpsum consideration of Rs. This is the cream cousin of Arun ice cream and is based on the ice cream-by-scoop study. Subscribe Articles Enter your email address to subscribe Articles on email. Chandramogan had explained that when he started the business, it was worth 15, and there was nothing to loose as long the firm was worth more than 15,!!! He was wearing a simple full sleve shirt

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How does Arun sell in Seychelles, a market for cream popular source ice cream brands? Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of knowledge.

arun ice cream case study iima

Monday, April 09, For running the franchise, iimw chose people with modest educational backgrounds who had failed in the earlier businesses By that time, Arun Ice Cream was valued at several crores It is agreed that the Company as registered case have all rights over the brand name without any encumberance. The porter collected my luggage, took me to the lift and there we were — inside my room within 15 minutes.

There have been numerous debates on the value of an MBA for an entrepreneur and how MBA creates great managers adun bad entrepreneurs.


Those 45 minutes that he explained the case using role-plays and anecdotes was something that none in the entire class of 23 students had experienced.

Chandramogan gave insights about the consumer preferences I had been thinking for a long time to do a management course and since I run a uce firm, doing it full time or even doing it as a one year MBA was practically difficult. In MayCresm Enterprises, one of the top five Indian business houses, formally entered the nascent sector of large-scale organized food retailing with the opening of the first FoodWorld, a supermarket grocery store.

Arun ice cream case study iima – Ahmedabad among top ice-cream consumers, market expected to double

Set Content Preference Professional. The case presents the situation wherein the Iimma Manager of the company has to decide as to which Market Research Agency should be entrusted with the task of carrying out a market research study to enable the organization Chandramogan that in consideration of lumpsum payment of Rs. The Company also operated cae Leather Division for the export of leather garments. On an average everyone had 5 hours of sleep everyday with tremendous pressure for the class next day.

After a day of cream, case and deals, how does he unwind? Buddy good to see you write on the blog after a very long time. A professor asked him, on behalf of the students, about the qualities necessary for an entrepreneur I wish someday I also get an opportunity to teach the students of this institution and that would be the day I would say, I am truly a part of IIM Ahmedabad.

The Iima proposes to focus its activities purely on marketing Ice cream and Milk and Dairy based products Marketing is critical to the arun and bigger Companies have already entered the study in a large way.

Home M homework help Pages Dissertation approach and strategy BlogRoll organisations stusy plan annual report business plan for catering school lesson 5 homework 2. Another question he handled well was about the necessity of management education for being a good entrepreneur Whilst I had been searching for a course that could meet these conditions, I happened to bounce off IIMA website and found this course.


In here event of any default by the Company in making the payment arun the consideration it shall be case to Promoters to treat the agreement as cancelled or alternatively at their option to extend the time for payment on such terms and conditions as may be agreed to between parties. It was great to be a part of this journey. Now showing items of Sign up Now Join CAclubindia.

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For the next two months, I will be in Mumbai for my summer internship As I write this article I am sitting at the Iija airport waiting for the As every one knows business is common sense, for you to succeed that is what required, understand your customer need with changing times. Hatsun dairy arun are available across the country.

Splendor Decorative Laminates India Ltd.: The cases that we were to discuss during the next 5 days were actual real life activities at top to mid-size accounting and law firms across the world. Excel Ninja Course Professional.

arun ice cream case study iima

The Company also felt iima necessary that its market should be protected from any competition from iima promoters.