In order to survive and be profitable in this industry, companies must be able to differentiate themselves. Firstly, I should emphasize Zespri has a strong brand. Case HBS Case Collection December Revised April Chicken Republic Jose Alvarez and Natalie Kindred Deji Akinyanju, founder of Nigerian fast-food chain Chicken Republic, and Ayo Oduntan, founder of an integrated Nigerian poultry operation Amo Byng Group , are among a growing cadre of skilled food-industry entrepreneurs for whom the opportunities to serve the Nigerian market—a population of over million, including a large and growing middle class—outweigh the challenges of operating there. They also can get the Chinese source to sell in other Asia markets like Korea and Japan,etc. They must check whether all things are done as scheduled and if any changes need to be made. It also means that Zespri can pay its salaries, bills and expenses on time.

They have variety of nutrition people can get by digesting them. As for promotion, Zespri has various promotion strategies like TV advertising, in-store marketing activities, etc, In addition to those, Zespri also use the billboards, print and other forms of advertising,such as the digital screen in Shanghai taxicabs , and buses and cars. Unfortunately, the kiwifruit is not inimitable. Zespri already had an integrated supply chain to lower the cost, and the premium consumer brand had become a stable brand in the current market. They also have in the works a red version of the fruit which indicates they have created a technological barrier for its competition to create unique products. Since there are a lot of suppliers in New Zealand, supplier power is low.

Click to learn more https: There is a high cost for Zespri to develop a new marketing mix It exist potential risk for Zespri to use a new marketing mix because of uncertainty The target may studyy be reached in a short time. Luckily both supplier power and the threat of new entrants is quite low so at the moment these are not a concern.

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In order to implement our initial plan in the short-term, Zespri has to simply continue to maintain their business operations as they normally have in previous months.


When it comes to relationship with local suppliers, Zespri had the hravard over others that it contributed on building good relations with its exporters and this asset was not owned by most competitors. So, if implement the contingency plan Zespri has to do a combined market research again that focuses on which country would be the best choice for the strategic alliance. The evaluation criterion is mainly the financial performance after implementing the new marketing mix harvarr such as the pool revenue of Zespri in So, with no changes of the original products, Zespri needs to set up a new supply chain for the Kiwifruit Juice according to the New Zealand Kiwifruit Export Supply Chain model as Exhibit 4 shows.

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Customer power is high. And it has the large, ambitious population needed to drive its development, both as workers and consumers. With the development of new products, the cost of product would be control around US cents, otherwise, it would affect the profit margin. If the new marketing mix strategy plan makes zepri sense, studt contingency plan that Latin Jager can choose for Zespri is finding strategic alliance.

The competition also has the same market research and promotional opportunities as Zespri.

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Secondly, Zespri has the experience to produce high quality and high yield fruits and they got the patent protect.

An increasing asset turnover ratio indicates the company is using your assets more productively. Without these valuable primary activities Harfard would not survive.

They can buy other kinds of fruits instead of kiwi. In doing so, Zespri will be able to conduct stuyd research on all levels of operations ranging from product assortment, marketing research, technological advancements, and supply chain logistics.

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Even though the kiwi produced by Zespri has a great deal of nutrition and great- tasting, the price is much higher than other fruits. For exporting, Zespri can choose the same distribution places where sthdy have exported the kiwifruits since they have been familiar with those markets and there is certain number of customer base of Zespri brand products.


Zespri has been looking for strategy to improve its performance in Kiwifruit industry.

zespri case study harvard

A large increase in crop volume meant that the overseas importers and retailers could put pressure on the industry to drive the prices right down, and in doing so, diminish the returns. Zespri has been zewpri to achieve this by marketing their higher quality then competitors. The consulting team needs to focus on the environment in which Zespri operates in order to recommend a plan they can have success with.

They must invest largely in educating the consumer on the benefits of their kiwifruit in relation to that of their competitors.

zespri case study harvard

Zespri has proprietary rights for the Gold variety, which allows them to produce gold kiwifruit in other countries. Zespri would keep the previous promotion activities. When selecting the place, the key factor is whether Zespri can enhance the ability to sell kiwifruit more profitably.

Alvarez, Jose, and Natalie Kindred. During the short-run, Zespri will be able to take available capital and invest these funds into various mediums of advertisements. Overseas market has strong zsepri power The strategic alliance is a win-win situation for both companies Alliance can utilize resource effectively Cons: Since they have established numerous growers in a wide array of locations and in staggered seasons they can continue to operate with no real short-term changes.

After establishing the new supply chain for kiwifruit juice, the following step is implementing the marketing activities and exporting the kiwifruit juice and the three types of kiwifruit,too. Competition continues to grow for the kiwifruit industry making it increasingly difficult to gain shelf space in grocery hharvard.

As for the products, the products provided by Zespri are mainly green kiwifruit, golden kiwifruit and organic green and golden kiwifruit.