Freud erotic obsessive and narcissistic

Oct 5, - Freud and Fromm talk about four different personality types from a leadership perspective: the erotic, obsessive, narcissist, and the marketing personality. The erotic personality is one of high maintenance, always seeking to be needed and loved. They place a priority on being liked above respect. Sigmund Freud & Personality Types – The Psychodynamic Approach Miah. Age: 30. I'm kim jast arrived in tokyo city my best servive for you jast call me and I will get your location Erotic personality type are those who are looking forward loving and being loved back. While Freud recognized that there are an almost infinite variety of personalities, he identified three main types: erotic, obsessive, and narcissistic. Most of us have elements of all three. We are all, for example, somewhat narcissistic. If that were not so, we would not be able to survive or assert our needs. The point is, one of. Cherie. Age: 27. Or you can come visit me into my private apartment, in the center of the city Freud, Fromm, and Leadership Nov 2, - Sigmund Freud writes that you have a core personality: this is inborn and instinctual we can not change this. Our values, attitudes, and beliefs are all overlaid on this core personality. There are 4 personality types: Erotic, Obsessive, Narcissist, and Marketing. An erotic type is described as needy, dependent. The four personality types of Freud/Fromm are erotic, obsessive, narcissistic, and marketing. Define/describe the 4 personality types of Freud/Fromm. Which of these personality types do you feel best describes your own personality? Describe a productive and unproductive version of your personality type. Do you know.

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Jasmine. Age: 18. I'm your playful yet naughty dancer who loves to be completely naked Aug 2, - Erotic, Obsessives and Narcissists. All of us have elements of all three types with stronger preference for one or more. Erotics are those whose motivation is to love and be loved back. They are typically concerned with the welfare of others and are dependent on being accepted by others. For this reason. For a leader-follower dyad, there are a number of possible crossed transactions: Core personality. Is inborn and instinctual; Values, attitudes, beliefs overlaid on core personality. Three personality types. Erotic; Obsessive; Narcissist. Additional type (Eric Fromm). Marketing. Sigmund Freud & Personality Types. Erotic. Mar 3, - Its author, Michael Maccoby, argues that at this time of high-speed change, corporations are increasingly choosing CEOs who belong to what Freud called The erotic type, although it probably describes Bill Clinton, doesn't mean what it seems to; erotics are outer-directed people intensely concerned with.


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