Salary employees who are willing to work overtime will be rewarded with an extra paid vacation day each quarter. She also has experienced a jump in her level of instrumentality to produce quality with the bonus for good work. Edith knows that she has invested a lot of her life to her job and knows she will not find a better position somewhere else. One of the first things Lauren will need to address is the expectancy of the employees. If they don’t, motivation will be difficult. Since she is salaried employee, her office hours are from pm.

Motivation a strong desire to act in a certain way—good or bad is internal. She often finds the demands of her position to be overwhelming and does not feel compensated for her work there. This meeting did not go well. Instrumentality is also a factor that Lauren must increase. The link between hard work and success is low which leads to lowering her overall motivation.

Predicting welfare benefit claiming using expectancy theory. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Here’s the principle of the expectancy theory: She has good instrumentality in that her pay is based on the number of sales she has. As expectancy theory uses all of these factors multiplicatively to determine motivational force Vroom, having a policy that lowers just one of these can result in employees not being motivated.

While you have the power to force your employees to take a certain action, if you use a force strategy too frequently you will harm employee morale and motivation. Each client is vromos greeted by name, and they often receive courtesy calls when their account balances are low or negative to not cover any incoming transactions.


vrooms expectancy theory case study

A thwory conducted by Chiang and Jang surveyed employees utilising expectancy theory in a hotel setting, analysing employee motivation. One of the first things Lauren will need to address is the expectancy of the employees.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Expectancy Theory in Employee Motivation

Valence is defined by Van Eerde as all the possible affective orientations toward outcomes such as the attractiveness or anticipated satisfaction with outcomes. Tom is currently planning for retirement, to keep him engaged in maintaining his sales goals, Stufy can let him leave at 3pm on a Friday twice a month. Brad website Design Brad is the only web designer for theiry sales representatives. High April values being promoted and climbing the ranks would be very satisfactory for her.

Reference List Chen, Y.

Due to low performance to outcome expectancy from poor direction and rewards from his superiors, Georges effort to performance expectancy decreased in regards to future work assignments. Report a bug Atlassian News. Edith is mostly rewarded by the social aspect of work so a great motivation for her would include social events such as lunches, or work parties. Fall – Expectancy Theory – Case Study. Applying Expectancy Theory to the Workplace. Similarly, the Expectancy Theory predicts that people will increase effort if they believe that performance will be enhanced and that higher performance will lead to a reward that is of personal value.

Many times there is more than one single desirable outcome. Ricardo explains to Mary that this development plan he has made identifies specific work projects that she will work on over the next six months.


Since he is salaried employee his office hours are from pm. It is recommended that ABC Consulting give all employees a detailed position description among commencement of employment to ensure they are sufficiently aware of the requirements of their position and any reward entitlements.

If any of these are low it will cause an employee to be less motivated Vroom, expfctancy, The vroo,s between hard work and success is low which leads to lowering her overall motivation.

International Journal of Project Management, 33 13 They will also be subject to the epectancy offered company-wide for production, revenue etc.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Effects from Policy Changes Jessica: While motivation is individual, there are some general principles of motivation that can help you get the environment-thing right. If he had an incentive to work faster, such as a bonus for working quickly or even a negative consequence for using too much overtime, it might encourage him to work better and faster.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Theory in Employee Motivation

Given your organizational power, you have many ways to influence your employees’ motivation. She is completing 5 great and 5 of poor quality ones, in which she is fully utilizing all the sales reps changes or suggestions.

Mary was ttheory absent from the “development phase” of the development plan. An outcome has negative valence when your employee believes achieving it will be unpleasant.