The significance of the quote is that Agnes realises that these people standing around did not see her as a person. I am so proud of your achievements. Certainly, the character of Rooke is represented as admirable and moral, who saw the natives as not so different from himself, which underlies the adage of treating others as you would like to be treated yourself. Be concise with your analysis Stick to the arguments and do not respond with too much detail or long-winded quotes from the articles. As soon as the 15 minutes reading time is up, go straight to Section C: For online orders, please press add to cart to continue. Nelson Mandela accepts a Springbok cap wearing it and the Springbok jersey with pride signifying acceptance and belonging a meaningful message to many of the white players who were opposed to his presidency.

Look at the language analysis in those previous exams and use them as your practice analysis pieces, noting carefully the assessors comments. Malouf begins his narrative of Ransom with the brooding Achilles pondering his options after revoking his support for the Greek cause and insulting Agamemnon. The novel invites us to ask questions about our own beliefs if we should believe in fate or chance. When reading texts to construct meaning, readers increase their understanding by recognising the craftsmanship of the writing and the choices the author made to portray the topic in a certain way. Now, look at your revision notes and practices. Instead, they have included text types such as Powerpoint slides, blogs and comments and letters from a school principal, etc.

Instead, they have included text types such as Powerpoint slides, blogs and comments and letters from a school principal, etc.

As Agnes tells her own story other characters change their perspectives of her as the novel progresses. You can use your reading and viewing journals, class PowerPoints and notes to help you. What areas of the exam criteria do you need to work on?

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I suggest that you allow yourself 50 minutes to write each essay. Animal imagery is used to present Achilles as wild, barbaric and merciless. Then she takes Agnes, Toti and Margret on a spiritual and emotional journey transforming them at the start of the novel from a judgemental mindset to value compassion at the end of the novel.


vce ransom essay topics

Kent criticises the harsh religious and social policies of the patriarchal institutions that stereotype Agnes as a murderer. An inauspicious [unfavourable] first contact, throughout which it is the natives who maintain dignity. You will be presented with two topics related to your text pair and will be required eessay write an word response to the question in comparative essay form.

It is through the native characters of Warungin and Taragan that Grenville highlights the importance of searching for common ground and understanding rather than submission to a greater topcis and conflict. Write down ranosm you MUST remember in the first 5 mins that you are likely to forget Use your reading time to read all sections, but in the last topkcs minutes of reading time, shift your focus to Section C.

Learn quotes related to themes and characters that will be used as your evidence in essays. Try to give yourself about minutes at the end to proof read and check spelling. The English exam is 3 hours and fifteen minutes long and is divided into 3 sections: What can I do to study for Section A of the exam? You will be required to use metalanguage and display a high level of analysis for this section.

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While there are similarities in the themes between characters, the purpose of each text is different. For each response you write, self-assess against the ‘Expected Qualities’ handout, get feedback from your teacher or peers, go back and make necessary changes to your practise responses and memorise those changes. Ransom written by David Malouf Genre Narrative fiction. Make a list of vocab words for describing the effect of persuasive language.


Depending on the purpose, topicx may choose all different sorts of writing formats, genres and vernacular [language]. In this case, the change becomes of paramount importance in Ransom as King Priam dares to re-imagine his role by stepping outside convention and inventing cve different path. While fear and love are both shown by Kent to be powerful influences in the novel, indeed, at a personal level, they are often intertwined with love presented as the greater force, as it can overcome fear.

vce ransom essay topics

Why include Message of Author? You have worked all year towards this exam along with your other subjects and the best advice I can give you is to not stress.

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Ve a good presenter really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Belonging is tied to a sense of identity and the groups we choose to belong to and the ways we connect with others to help form our vcf identity. Achilles softer side is more to do with his mother the sea goddess Thetis that allows him to embody a duel self. This will help you memorise key content points for the exam.

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How the young Daniel Rooke comes to harbour a mature and moral topkcs that defines him as an adult is the central driving force of the narrative. Mandela gives Pienaar a handwritten copy of Invictus endorsing his leadership in trying to create unity, heal his country and bridge the racial divide.

This categorising of information can take the form of a study sheet, poster or cue cards. The meeting of Achilles and Priam in part IV is a dramatic climax.

vce ransom essay topics