Tips for successfully navigating the biotech startup ecosystem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Living in this ecosystem allows us to focus on the truly important tasks: Retrieved 14 August The finalists and overall winner were announced Tuesday. Retrieved 28 January We zeroed in on vaccines initially because we saw an overwhelming need:

Immuno-oncology is one field that you hear about and the fundamental challenge is the same – we need to generate a very strong immune response to particular antigens. Your email address will not be published. We zeroed in on vaccines initially because we saw an overwhelming need: They do for the military what LinkedIn does for business. Inherently a dried product is more stable than a liquid product, and thus distribution is far cheaper.

For examples, we had some inquiries for an RNA drug delivery technology.

Kosuda had been a Harvard postdoctoral fellow in chemistry, and Patrick Ho had earned a J. Then when I was in the vwxess of design, Honda made some strategic vehicle decisions that were really hard for me to understand.

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vaxess technologies business plan

The finalists and overall winner were announced Tuesday. Vaxess was originally at the Harvard Innovation lab for a few years and is now at LabCentral.


vaxess technologies business plan

The company provides a smartphone application that lets consumers book and pay taxis conveniently and transparently. The true value is finding products that are failing or really struggling in the market for some technical reason and going after those technical challenges or hurdles.

Michael Schrader

That candor, openness, and honesty is very important when building partnerships. Resources Spotlight interviews Company profiles Incubators and accelerators About. Retrieved 19 December He also played a role in bringing Prevnar to market. Did you originally have the idea for vaccine stabilization when you met the professors, or was that one of the applications you later found when researching silk?

The auto industry background, quite frankly, has helped very, very little with the technical challenges we encounter in vaccine stabilization. What challenges and opportunities are unique to biotechs compared to tech or other startup areas?

What makes silk unique as a material are biocompability and its ability to self-assemble into mechanically robust constructs with a range of properties. First and foremost I would reiterate the importance of candor, honesty, and openness. Changing these parameters can tease the silk material to self-assemble into everything from gels to very solid constructs.

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Michael Schrader – SYNAPSE

The composition of the Vaxess team has made us unique from the start – I was a mechanical engineer turned business leader, we had a physicist turned lawyer, an economist, and a postdoc. What spurred your decision to apply to business school? The opinions expressed here by Inc. Under that approach a company will get insights from someone who is not working on a particular project team but has some other inspiration that they can draw on to make that program better.


Retrieved 14 August Archived from the original on 30 December Tips for successfully navigating the biotech startup ecosystem. Retrieved 21 May I could do corporate strategy and product planning way better than is currently done. Having a diverse, capable team is the other important element of startups. Companies established in Pharmaceutical companies of the United States Privately held companies based in Massachusetts Companies based in Boston Biotechnology companies Health care companies based in Massachusetts.

We had great advisors that hammered us on those questions early. SaferTaxi aims to bring greater efficiency and safety to the existing taxi booking process. Retrieved 4 February I think this gets back to the concept of truly understanding what problem that the market has that you can help solve.