Volume 19 Issue 11 1 November. The backbone of this meeting is the recognition that environmental protection plays an important role in public health, and to contribute to our global goal of creating sustainable future societies. As stated earlier, there were many opportunities to network. Help Center Find new research papers in: Register for the symposium by 9 August and save with early bird rates!

Session 4 embraced the matter of resources—waste management. The main attention was paid on waste treatment, especially waste water treatment and comparison of possibil- ity of obtaining water from different sources, e. For call-in details see the Forum of the Working Group. Session 5, affecting the simplified approaches—ecodesign approaches in conjunction with LCA—included mainly the sustainability technology assessment of forest management case studies concerning lightweight boards strong influence and harvesting, comparing different technological solutions, of the cover layer , green roofs impacts mainly due to also taking into consideration specific local context. The symposium brings together experts to share and discuss case studies and the application of LCA linked to primary and secondary resources. Effects of sulfur reduction. The major center of sport, with world famous regatta course second main area—resources—mainly focused on natural Malta, on the lake located near the city center.

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setac europe lca case study symposium

Learn More Calendar GoogleCal. But specific resources and waste, with reference to the actions related to is the cultural and scientific role of the city in Poland.

setac europe lca case study symposium

As stated earlier, there were many opportunities to sypmosium. Session 3—LCA in agriculture sector and food production—revealed detailed studies about LCA of different food products beverages, daily food, fish and technologies cooling systems and led to many very interesting conclusions, e.

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The first main area was largely Renaissance Town Hall Fig. You can change the use of cookies later and adjust your preferences.

Ohio Valley Chapter Meets in Louisville. For the placement and reading of non-functional cookies, we require your prior consent. About Us The FSLCI is a multi-stakeholder and membership-based community organization for professionals working in business, science and policy organizations who are interested in and working with Life Cycle approaches to enhance the sustainability of economic activities.


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The various sessions of the scientific programme cover all aspects of the application of LCA to decision making stuyd business practice, environmental product declarations, due diligence, social responsibility, environmental management, and policy development.

For reasons of confidentiality, not all presentations are publicly available. SETAC Helsinki is a 5-day event featuring a variety of training, networking and learning opportunities.

Recent Jobs Master thesis on product development for cutting-edge climate innovation eco.

22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium

The backbone of this meeting is the recognition that environmental protection plays an important role in public health, and to contribute to our global goal of creating sustainable future societies. It was stated that labeling helps and crude oil. With a student covering, for instance, ecodesign approaches in conjunction population of , over 20 institutions of higher with LCA, ecolabeling, and sectoral approaches.

The focus is on renewables but we are also looking for contributions on non-renewable resources. Click here to sign up.

SETAC Europe Life Cycle Assessment Symposium Recap – SETAC Globe

It is a member of CESAER, has nine The last session focused on the simplified approaches— faculties, and delivers education to some 20, students, sectoral approaches—and included the case studies from studying on 24 fields of study. Help Center Find new research papers in: Many areas in the world are affected by pollution due to long-range transport of contaminants causing health hazards to local ecosystems, including indigenous human populations of the north.

Our mission is to support the development of principles and practices for protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity. International Panel for Sustainable and to stimulate a stepwise improvement across the company, Resource Management, the environmental impacts of gold Fig.

Abstract submission is now closed. Noteworthy for the symposium was that the keynote address were the first session of the day, and they drew large numbers of listeners each day. Each day of the symposium also featured a keynote speech, which were given by Hubert Hasenauer, BOKU University, on the efficient use of forest resources to shape our future; Mark Huijbregts, Radboud University Nijmegem, on new developments in life cycle assessments; and Serenella Sala, Joint Research Centre, on bioeconomy contributions to circular economy.


Volume 19 Issue 11

This underlines the fact that chemical pollution and its effects are indeed global, while new approaches for the management and counteractions have to be tailored for the specific environments in question. We want to give our special thanks to all of SETAC staff sfudy supported us so patiently throughout the last year as well as our sponsors, whose support was instrumental for the success of the event.

setac europe lca case study symposium

Therefore, the symposium focused on resources and the role LCA can play in shaping the future. The SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in in Helsinki will be the number one meeting place where scientists from various disciplines and sectors Academia, Business, Government and NGOs will find new opportunities to present, to debate and disseminate the most recent scientific knowledge, developments and applications for:.

New Zealand developing carbon footprinting guidelines We hope that the visit in Poland for some participants— for forestry industryHungary the combined environ- as we have heard—for the first time was pleasant and ment—cost analysis of an innovative solar spot systemand fruitful and all enjoyed the Polish traditions, cuisine, and Poland LCA of energy technologies in Polish energy warm, friendly vibes, despite the cold winter weather sector—clean coal technologies.