Academic minors in approved degree programs are options available to students in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. The student may seek the expertise of other committee members as well but the primary responsibility of the additional committee members is on the day of the defense. Graduate Programs For students seeking Masters, Ph. Prominent business leaders who actively support the Dean in advancing the mission and vision of the Sam M. Fulbright College also recognizes all official minors offered by sister colleges at the University of Arkansas. A baccalaureate degree is required for admission to the University of Arkansas School of Law, except for those students in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences who are admitted to the special six-year program referred to in the paragraph immediately following.

If a student demonstrates superior academic performance or an exceptionally high level of scholarly activity, the Honors Council may award the distinction of magna cum laude. Fulbright College social media feeds. Students interested in any of these advanced degrees should consult the Graduate School Catalog or the Dean of the Graduate School. Each candidate for the B. Most medical schools will not accept CLEP credit, and in some cases, AP credit for the required courses above is not accepted. The Thesis Director is entitled to rights and expectations

Other Programs Undergraduate Preparation for Professional Programs The Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences offers comprehensive support for students pursuing a wide array of professional and graduate programs.


Courses of study in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences are designed to give students the comprehensive view of society that the modern world requires. However, all departmental honors students must have a 3. Volunteer as a guest lecturer or a mentor, and share your industry insights and experiences. While there is no prescribed pre-law curriculum, Fulbright Denior offers a ghesis in legal studies administered through the department of political science.

Admission to medical school is highly competitive, and a good grade-point average is demanded.

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jark Recognizing that its students must become productive members of contemporary American society, Fulbright College offers undergraduate majors in fields ranging from chemistry and art to journalism, physics, social work and psychology.

Honors Colloquium — one from each approved area. Prominent business leaders who actively support the Dean in advancing the mission and vision of the Sam M. Uari to meet such deadlines will result in the postponement of the thesis, possibly to the following term. All honors students must have a 3.

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Invest in Our Students. Typically this is satisfied by completion of a Elementary II world language course. The Bachelor of Arts B. Establishing credit in approved courses: All dental schools require the Dental Admissions Test. Argument An honors thesis should have an argument.

A diverse group of Walton Theis alumni who are ambassadors for the college and who use their experience and insight to advancement the college’s goals.

At least one course must be from fine arts. All applicants for admission are required to take the Law School Admission Test. Colloquium in Humanities 1.


senior thesis uark

A grade-point average of 3. An academic minor ordinarily consists of hours. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Requirements for the Departmental Honors Program: These courses may be taken from other colleges or universities as long as the college residency requirement and the hour rule are satisfied.

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Preparing students for positions of leadership in organizations of all sizes. Advisers in the Fulbright College Advising Center will assist students in program planning and will help them to become aware of and familiar with the academic offerings of the university.

All, however, should be marked by excellence and conform to certain academic standards and expectations. Moore Center for Economic Education.

Nine hours selected from two different areas. All committee members must record their recommendation on the Salmon Sheet, as provided by the HCR or student.

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Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace. Walton College of Business.

Honors College faculty and staff and your honors program director are here to help you along the way. Future Students Why Walton?