Grades for SCHC Park Rx Greenville, SC 9: Conclusion I have a saying when people ask me about the number of our students who complete a senior thesis: Likewise, if you are using human subjects or giving out surveys, you must get approval from the University Institutional Review Board, IRB, or be listed on an approved protocol. Matthew Wostbrock A Winning Game: Amanda Drondin Effectiveness of the Socratic Method:

Max Grandstaff MaxFun Inflatables: A Comparative Case Study Typically a thesis defense is between 30 and 45 minutes. Sharon Maskin Corporate Social Responsibility: Students who believe this may apply to their manuscript should consult with their Thesis Chair or Thesis Seminar instructor. Yet what stops us from learning more to continue this tradition?

Honors Thesis or Project: Manuscript Submission

This page is maintained by the Commonwealth Honors College. Ultimately, details such as page length are left to the discretion of your Director. While this information is beneficial for the latest trends on an honors senior thesis, it provides only a mere snapshot on the use of an honors senior thesis at that institution and does not contribute to the conversation on these More than this, research on the senior thesis process will prove difficult not only because of the aforementioned but also in the task of defining a valid research question for such study.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. A hobby you have pursued for most of your life may be very appealing as a potential thesis topic. The Honors College recognizes the hard work involved in pursuing a senior thesis. If the Thesis Director so chooses, you may be informed of the grade you hanvbook received for the thesis.


Likewise, students occasionally need to change directors or second readers.

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Honors Thesis or Project: Make sure your Director is planning to be on campus or accessible to you throughout that time. Amanda Drondin Effectiveness of the Socratic Method: Other survey issues involved honors colleges that were left off the list and others that may have been misidentified as an honors college.

schc senior thesis handbook

A Study on Recent Murals of Columbia 9: Casey Moffitt Investigating the role of the locus coeruleus-noradrenergic system during social stress on neuroinflammation and resulting changes in serotonin 2: Sometimes, it is difficult to find a faculty member willing to work with you on your proposed topic.

Rodney Cruzan TBA Grades for SCHC In fact, the Second Reader may be a person in the local community and does not have handblok be affiliated with USC in any way.


Your Thesis Director should provide guidance in research, establish the criteria for grading, and will be responsible for entering a grade at the conclusion of the project. Kayla Murray Women at Work: By Pierre van Eijl and Albert Pilot.

Hopefully this essay begins ssnior conversation as NCHC establishes its research priorities. The second rationale for choosing a Second Reader is most appropriate if you are pursuing an interdisciplinary thesis.


In fact, those theses tend to be quite a bit longer than those hanbook writing in math, natural science or pre-professional disciplines. Black Women Writers In Afrofuturism Without further information provided in the guide, our initial research stopped here.

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Redefining the Health Belief Model I enjoy seeing the number increase, but sometimes it is more about quality than quantity. You may opt to do either SCHC Matthew Wostbrock A Winning Game: You will be notified by mail if you are awarded a grant and will be tnesis how to receive reimbursement.

Arrangements should also be made for delivery of the final thesis or project paper to the Thesis Director and Second Reader to acquire their signatures on the title page. Please do not send any of the following via email.

schc senior thesis handbook

After your date has been selected, you are responsible for reserving a room for your defense. First, you may wish to choose a Second Hxndbook who will be the “technical expert” during the writing process for the thesis.