Studying for the GRE? There is a set format and elements that Japanese universities are looking for. Why is the topic important? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Personally I find it hard to write in 3rd person lol.

My question is regarding the Research Timeline, can I include that during my research student period i will be preparing for the entrance examinations or there is no need to mention this information? You will normally have to send all of these to Japan via airmail. I will try to show what Japan looks like through the eyes of a foreign resident. It is not about the courses you will take, but what you will do your original research, analysis and work on. Hi Erika, It looks like MEXT changed the form and requirements this year of course they would do that only 2 weeks after I just finished spending 8 months writing a book on the same form! Hello sir I wrote a research proposal but I did not detail my subject, I just wrote the impact of international political economic put I did not specify in which aspect of the international political economic will impact my research subject,,, will this affect my research quality??

You should propose a more specific approach, including the type of examples, where you will get them, and why that approach is best.

In an effort to gain a good understanding of some of the basics of the Suibokuga style, I will begin with a constrained approach to composition. Thank you for your willingness to help.

I learnt about this blog much late after I have submitted my application form.

research proposal for mext scholarship

Notify me of new comments via email. Email required Address never made public. If you need help sholarship a research question, I am working on a book that will guide you through that process, but scjolarship the meantime, I recommend talking to your current academic adviser for pointers! You can leave the others empty, but you will face questioning about that. I highly recommend that you build your FSRPP around a specific research problem that you want to examine and have your methods, and possibly even your hypothesis, in the FSRPP when you submit it.


I red your proposal and i found it great. When you describe your research primarily in question two and threeI would recommend that you stick to the academic conventions for your field, including writing in third person.

This is ad Minh Truong from Mextipedia. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Since MEXT requires that you study a topic that you majored in in the past, this is your opportunity to show the connection. It is, IMO, pretty low as in, in the UK you probably could not enter graduate school at all with that kind of average because it would be less than a 2.

They care more about your research plan etc. For example, If you study Master of Business Administration, your research topic must be relevant to Business Administration.

research proposal for mext scholarship

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Prejudge the results of the project. I am afraid that when writing the research proposal, they will pay attention that someone in a lab is working on this topicso what to do? I was reading about your experience searching for a professor, and completely agreed. Hey Gomito, thank you so much for your valuable comment… Actually this section is still under editing, so we will keep your comment in mind and edit it asap.


I am a self-motivated, self-disciplined person. Because I had never write a reseasrch plan or thesis before, this was a great help to me.

Like almost everything else in your Field of Study and Research Program Plan, it will probably change once you begin your research under your advisor.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

How to Read a Book. I hope this is obvious, but get someone else to check over your research plan. Hola, tendrias algun proyecto de investigacion que podamos usar de guia?

research proposal for mext scholarship

Hi, Sorry I didn’t see proposxl comment earlier. I was there on a non-degree research scholarship, studying East Asian calligraphy. Hi Travis Thank you for the useful information. Rejina Shrestha 7 June at You can use your job as an additional reason to support your research, but not as a replacement for your past major.

My research proposal for MEXT (Monbusho) scholarship | Asian Salad

Hi Travis, thank you very much for this amazing guide. To reduce the complexity in developing a model that incoporates all factors, I intend to isolate some of the key attributes of each factor and study the relative impact on each other.

What should I do but I have one recommendation letter from my Professor but It is from 3 years old. You are commenting prpposal your WordPress.