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Sep 10, - Cuckolding wife turns her husband into the bisexual sex slave of men. Cocksucker Confessions & cocksucker sins | Selina. Age: 28. Your Dirty Little Secret! Keith pulled himself free of my wife and walked over to where I knelt, still bound and leashed. Oct 25, - The exploits of a submissive, bisexual cuckold begin. "Cocksucker" When my wife used her new pet name for me, I always felt a pulse in my crotch. to trade gay play with the husband for a chance to view the same between the wife and her girlfriend (I wasn't sure the 'friend' would keep the secret); more. Krissy. Age: 23. I'm an independent lady of pleasure based in Edinburgh Cocksucker Confessions (This is a true story) I was introduced to the bi side of my life in my late 20's, when I used to swing with an ex girlfriend. I was your average typical husband who had been married to the same woman for a number of years. . "Cocksucker" When my wife used her new pet name for me, I always felt a pulse in my crotch. Plus, his wife had mentioned her husband was bi after we left. I thought that was the end of it and I would sneak back to our room to avoid being embarrassed, but my wife had other plans. We walked straight back to the couple and my wife said she wanted to see his cock and watch me suck it. We headed to our room and.

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Cinzia. Age: 19. 2500/ 8 hours Feb 16, - Her husband was out front, half-dressed standing next to another man as she drove off. The next Monday I was taking my trash out just as he was, we waved, he set his trash barrel down and walked over, looking rather guilty. He started to apologize for 'all the yelling', I stopped him and told him that I only. Oct 18, - I said depends on the situation, but sometimes, yes.. especially if trucks or even bigwigs stopping, they always want a blowjob and me to take my clothes off and suck them while they drive.. its very fun and a total turnon doing that with these big guys that are usually married and all but love having me with. Aug 21, - I don't mind being used at all and also like hearing a guy calling me a cock sucker because that' is what I am. . After all, it was the evening rush hour so all the horny husbands and dads making their way home from the office were stopping in to dump their day's stress into a white creamy mess on the floor.


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