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Oct 1, - A subreddit for those interested in the darker side of the smoking fetish. Strong addiction, smoking damage, and descriptions thereof. The dark side forum was run for almost 10 years by the sterling moderator Matt. This is a new home for those who find this of interest. Places you should definately visit. Dark side Lung Damage Fetish Smoking - Chatzy Anna. Age: 29. Hello gents and welcome to my profile I should say at this point I was also a non smoker. It took another 6 weeks to smoke as much as she did. Jan 27, - My fetish is down to my mother who smoked and wore make up and looked very glam. I was mesmerised by seeing her smoke in full make up and wearing sexy clothes from a very early age. When I was I'm kinda glad about that, as I know the damage she is doing to her lungs, mouth, throat and heart. Christina. Age: 26. For some days just! Tag: NewportCougher Dec 31, - Just for an introduction, I'm 23 and I've always been a shy guy. Anyway, in I started dating my first girlfriend. At first our sexual life was not going very well, and we talked about it. I ended up by telling her that I had a Smoking Fetish. She didn't know that it existed and what was it about, so I explained. Aug 2, - I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (lakashitel-centrum.info).

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Tarra. Age: 27. liz Dec 5, - Smoking fetish. Jan 10, - First smoking very deep and exhales of thick smoke then put in my nose and inhale,this gives a rush after smoking a bowl of ,with my bad posture and heavy smoking my lungs are in for some damage. Category. People & Blogs. License. Standard YouTube License. Show more. Show less. Comments •. smokingusa. A site devoted to smoking women and men. Guest posts welcome [email protected] . To feel that damage deep inside my chest, no medicine can relieve it and only the strongest steroids can extend my life for a few months. My body fighting a I don't know how I got into the fetish but I did. For my.


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