In the latter framework, instead, the bid is in the form of a linear function relating the quantity to the relative price the producers are willing to sell the energy at. In this thesis, two competition models are considered in analyzing electricity markets: Forecasting ramps of wind power production with numerical weather prediction ensembles. Claire Vincent — Predictability of wind fluctuations at large wind farms Claire is looking at how we may better understand, model and forecast events with low and high wind power variability at large offshore wind farms, by combining meteorological and statistical perspectives. Let me describe here briefly their field of research and expertise:. The parameters were estimated by fitting the solution of the differential equation a tan-function visually to the data.

In this thesis, two competition models are considered in analyzing electricity markets: In the former one, the supply bid is assumed to be in the form of a quantity representing the amount of energy that each generator is going to dispatch to the market. On the other hand, the analysis of the social consequences of strategic bidding gives dierent results in the two competition models. In parallel, he has proposed some optimal bidding strategies based on a fully probabilistic view of the problem, or looked at strategic bidding for generic wind-storage systems. The stochastic models allow also the assessment of the consequences of the introduction of wind power in electricity generation markets. Increased wind power capacities are expected to be installed all around Europe, and also in rapidly developing countries such as China, India or Brazil.

pierre pinson phd thesis

In addition, price forecasts can be of great value for grid operators who are responsible for keeping the grid in balance. This problem is uterly difficult, since near-coastal offshore wind dynamics are the result of the combination of complex meteorological processes which are not all understood today.

Claire completed her PhD project in March The Electricity Journal 23 71— However, ppinson decrease in storage prices makes it possible to envisage the installation of storage capacities at a wind farm in a near future, either for dampening short-term power fluctuations, or for increasing the value of wind power on a market. In this thesis, two competition models are considered in analyzing electricity markets: In this thesis, the effects of predicted wind power production on the spot prices in Nord Pool Western Danish price area DK-1 are investigated.


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International Journal of Forecasting. Permanent link to this document https: Moreover, ways of pierrd the predicted wind power production in a forecasting model not only for the mean spot price in DK-1, but also the full distribution of the prices, are explored. Besides these analysis in a deterministic framework, the work is aimed to develop stochastic versions of these models. Julija is looking at how we may be able to improve wind power forecasts based on extensive knowledge and modeling of the spatio-temporal characteristics of the wind power fields.

pierre pinson phd thesis

Forecasting ramps of wind power pimson with numerical weather prediction ensembles. The problem of finding an optimal charging pattern is complicated by the fact that prices are affected by change in demand caused by the charging.

Marco Zugno and Paolo Giabardo — — Competitive bidding and stability analysis in electricity markets using control theory with Henrik Madsen The process of deregulation that has involved electricity markets in the recent years has opened the way for several interesting thessi topics.

A set of scenarios were investigated. Both battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles PHEVs were modeled. Renewable energy sources, especially wind energy, are to play a larger role in providing electricity to industrial and domestic consumers. Let me describe here briefly their field of research and expertise: The model only addressed the day-ahead spot market.

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The simulations performed show that a generator can increase its prots by employing the piinson strategy; both in the Cournot and the LSF frameworks. Google Scholar Project Euclid. Former students I have the chance to collaborate with a number of Ph. The closed loop dynamic systems are modified in order to account for wind power generation, which brings uncertainty into the system.


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A wavelet-based approach for large wind power ramp characterisation. Time series models to simulate and forecast wind speed and wind power. Combined these models give reliable non-parametric description to the full distribution of the spot prices. Statistical analysis of wind power forecast errors.

In the LSF competition model, instead, the social welfare decreases when players bid more strategically. Upcoming challenges related to generating improved and new types of forecasts, as well as their verification and value to forecast users, are finally discussed. The main potential practical application of her research may be the increase in accuracy of short-term point forecasts of wind power production, as well as an increase in skill of related probabilistic forecasts.

For players in deregulated energy markets such as Nord Pool and EEX, price forecasts are paramount when it comes to designing bidding tuesis and are an important aid in production planning. It is a known fact that electricity prices on Nord Pool spot market are, in the long run, mainly influenced by the phr of water in the thesi of the Norwegian and Swedish hydropower plants.

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