An infinite sheet of charge. Write a review of a youTube video about the DC motor here. Electric field of a point charge, several charges. Problems 40, 44, Watch and make notes on this video about capacitor discharge. Questions 3, 5, 7, 9 Problems 19, 47 Homework Review Finding the electric field from the potential Red book:

Write an expression for Q enclosed and then for E from Gauss’ Law. Questions not problems on pp. I should have signed up last week. We have done these in class already. Make a table of similarities and differences between cyclotrons and synchrotrons. Homework Watch this video about flux. There is also a scanned copy of this test attached below.

Bring to next lesson Thurs.


Watch this video about Lenz’s law and use P. Phyaics Chapter 22 Sections 6,7 these are our derivations from today’s class. The Millikan Oil Drop. Can you think of any risks associated with the experiment in the first video?

physics homework #97

Distribute so you have 3 separate terms. Gauss’ Law and Spherical Symmetry.

If the field is going to be uniform, doesn’t that mean that as r changes, E stays the same? AP Mechanics Mult Choice We induced current in coils using a magnet and looked at Lenz’s law. Work done moving a charge in an electric field and potential. You have covered this before, although you would have used Fleming’s left hand rule for the motor effect rather than your palm as this guy does.


A2 Physics

For the curved line, ring and disk, I would like you to be able to solve it start to finish. Be prepared to speak for 2 minutes about physic in tomorrow’s lesson.

physics homework #97

pgysics He doesn’t but instead tells the student to get the solution from a table of integrals. Over the holidays, please answer the rest of the past paper questions on P. To find Q in ohmework shell you will have to integrate from a to r, the radius of the Gaussian sphere whose surface lies within the shell. Read Chapter 23 Sections Lasseviren on the electric field at the center of a curved line of charge.

Check out this website: Coulomb’s Law meets Static equilibrium, Ch.

I mainly want to know about the motion of the charged particles and how it is achieved. Watch and make notes on this video about electricity basics. Finish the past paper questions set in class. Be sure to have uninterrupted time.


physics homework #97

Work to bring a fourth charge to point P. What he calls ‘electric field intensity’ we call ‘electric field strength’. Looking at the College board learning objectives for our course, I see that you need to be able to set up and solve the integral for the electric field from.


Quiz on Angular Momentum and Gravitation. Derivation for the potential from a disk Problem solving Bring Red books Chapter Watch and make notes on this video about electric field strength.

Old Stuff below Computer Lab: It would be worth reading through that whole of Chapter 8. We have done these in class already.

Q enclosed is little q at the center plus the charge in the part of the shell that is also inside the Gaussian sphere.

physics homework #97

Read and make notes on P. Homework Try electric field hockey Make sure you have finished Q.