More on a curved rod of charge. Questions 3, 5, 7, 9 Problems 19, 47 Homework Review Finding the electric field from the potential Red book: Make a table of similarities and differences between cyclotrons and synchrotrons. Electric field of a line of charge, ring, disk, sheet Review pp. Try to do this in 45 minutes.

If the field is going to be uniform, doesn’t that mean that as r changes, E stays the same? Also, you might review the static equilibrium problems. Force from a line of charge on a point charge. Make note of the speed you must have with this material. You have covered this before, although you would have used Fleming’s left hand rule for the motor effect rather than your palm as this guy does. Write an expression for Q enclosed and then for E from Gauss’ Law.

Please show all of your work. I will try to make a video about field strength inside a planet, but in the interim it is explained on P. Note that y components cancel. Questions not problems on pp. To calculate the force you need to know the mass of the ball and the velocity of the ball before and after the impact.


Now you have an expression honework F in terms of just x. We induced current in coils using a magnet and looked at Lenz’s law.

So, Friday’s quiz will be based on homework problems from H and R. Watch this video about Lenz’s law and use P.

physics homework #97

Be prepared to speak for 2 minutes about it in tomorrow’s lesson. Lasseviren on the electric field from a ring of charge. Hand in the questions on Monday.

physics homework #97

Watch and make notes on this video about electric field strength. Here is lasseviren on the subject.

physics homework #97

Hand in on Monday. Use the scoring guidelines homeworm grade your work. Review mechanics free response. Gauss’ Law and Spherical Symmetry. Review Chapter 21 as necessary. Over the holidays, please answer the rest of the past paper questions on P. Electric Field from a dipole.

physics homework #97

It should be familiar material. Hand in questions on Monday. Read about the oil drop experiment: Stop at the end of 45 minutes regardless of where you are.


A2 Physics

Try to do this in 45 minutes. You can skip the hlmework bits, and also you can stop when he starts talking about Faraday’s law. We have done these in class already. Bring to next lesson Thurs. Past paper answers are here. To find Q in the shell you will have to integrate from a to r, the radius of the Gaussian sphere whose surface lies within the shell. Read sections through Read Chapter 23 Sections Homework Watch physjcs video about how transformers work. Express r in terms of x and d.

Problem 49 on page