We do our very best to clear as many students as possible before 5 p. What format do I use to include multiple articles that have already been published? Be sure that the Certificate of Completion is sent to thesis tamu. If you have any questions about this form, please contact ogapsprocessing tamu. Please determine who owns the copyright to the material and if someone else holds the copyright, ask for permission to use the work in your ETD.

What should I do if I am having trouble obtaining all of the signatures for my form? Clearing means that all requested formatting corrections have been made and all other requirements have been completed. Despite these two forms having similar names, they are very different. The Review Process How long does this process take? We are here to help you produce a high-quality and properly documented thesis, dissertation, or record of study. Specifically, we are looking for standard page size, margins, and page numbers.

OGAPS – Forms & Information

There may be additional requirements for international students. Thesis and Dissertation Services eCampus community provides online resources for formatting, Thesis and Dissertation Services processes, and Turnitin. Word automatically formats the preliminary page numbers in the Table of Contents as all caps.

ogaps thesis proposal

ogpas May I email the Written Approval form to you? Afterwards, students will have an opportunity to ask specific questions about their document. Are scanned signatures accepted on the Written Approval form? Pre-Submittal Conferences are highly recommended for all students.


OGAPS – Doctoral Degree Requirements

You may change your hold choice at any time prior to clearing our office. All ETDs are time-stamped and reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis — no exceptions. All signatures must be handwritten no electronic signatures accepted.

While anyone can use it, LaTeX is especially helpful for students who will be including formulas or mathematics in their ETD.

Additional changes to your ETD are not allowed after you have cleared our office. How do I qualify for early clearance? During non-peak review times, you may also call and make a minute appointment with a reviewer to discuss questions you may have regarding your ETD. The Proposal Approval form accompanies your proposal. How do I conduct proposall Fair Use Analysis? Be sure that the Certificate priposal Completion is sent to thesis tamu.

How many rounds of review can I expect? It helps publishers, funding agencies, universities, and professional associations distinguish you from others with the same or a similar name. If not, you can attend and walk the stage, but your diploma tube will be empty — contact Registrar to receive diploma after you clear. In order to qualify for early clearance, the student must have been registered in the previous semester and be able to clear our office tthesis the early clearance deadline.

What is a record of study? May I use a template that my friend gave me? With that being said, the sooner you return a corrected document, the sooner we can review it again. In that case, the student can still walk at graduation but they will not receive their diploma at the graduation ceremony.


The processing fee is payable at Student Business Services or online through the Howdy portal. Thdsis if I have unusual formatting questions or I am unsure about the format I’m using?

ogaps thesis proposal

How long do I have to make the edits? Those requirements include the following steps: Yes, you can have your ETD bound; however, we do not provide that service.


Visit the Event Registration System to register. Requirements to Clear for Graduation Students are able to clear Thesis and Dissertation Services once all requirements have yhesis completed. Early in the semester after the early clearance deadline: All students who are planning to graduate must submit their ETDs and Written Approval forms on or before the submission deadline or they are not eligible for graduation in that semester.

Students submitting after the submission deadline cannot graduate until the following semester.