They want you to do well and many of the firms have lots of tips and guidance, practice questions and help to get you through. I have only done online tests before. Case in point will be a good book to read to prepare for their online case study test. Send a message to user. Both my first round interviews went quite well.

Applied online and received a reply within a week. Two days after completing the test I got an invitation for an interview. However, their interview prep section is surprisingly lacking. As with most consultancies, interviews are predominantly based on case studies. The ‘case study’ is a type of interview, not a specific question. Just make sure that you have had plenty of practice and things should be smooth you do get a calculator – but many times this slows things down! Recently aced the interview process.

Didn’t manage to proceed to the interview.

Fresh PhD but years-old struggling to find a job in consultancy. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next.

OC&C Strategy Consultants Interview Questions

The first round interview consists of two back to back interviews with Managers, these last 30 minutes and consist of a fit questions, a small case, and a chance to ask them any questions. They were not very challenging so don’t worry too much oline them. Anonymous B replied on Nov 15, I think I fucked up and chose the wrong Graduates on internet caee have reported recent interview questions to be: I hope this helps – do feel free to ask more questions!


Don’t know if you’ve already taken the test, but there are many free practice tests available online. Application I applied through college or university.

OC&C Interview | Wall Street Oasis

Graduates on internet forums have reported recent interview questions to be:. I’ve been “reading” the compliance book since 2pm since there’s not a lot to do on my first day.

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oc&c case study test online

Case in point will be a good book to read to prepare for their online case study test. The critical reasoning was ok, but I ended cade answering only 30 of the 35 questions, and had to randomly answer five. This video on the general case interview is helpful and the interview stury has some further worked through examples. Interview Questions Estimate the size of the interactive whiteboard market in the US.

I want to be notified about updates regarding this question via email. D – thank you so much. Upload your CV optional.


Applied through university’s career service – emailed through the CV and cover letter. Ego trips and cheap shots. Recent Jobs See all.

oc&c case study test online

I think 30 stuvy is good. Overall, working at this company seemed incredible and I have no idea what put them off me, but I will be re-applying as soon as I can. They interviewed me on the first day too – with examples very similar to those on the website. Notes stuyd Technical Interview Questions. Could I ask you D whether the tests were basic even for a humanities graduate like myself. Interview The online application was followed by psychometric tests, and then an invitation to interview in their London office.

Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8: This employer is onlne featured in. Send a message to user. Case-wise hey seemed very big on the idea of the candidate driving the discussion, and looked for a strong structure at the start of each case.

oc&c case study test online

Consultants with successful marriages.