The Research Report process model can be found in Appendix 5. Applied business research requires the use of a systematic investigation process. Deadlines for materials to be submitted to the Mudd Manuscript Library are resume cover letter for ac technician obu the Office of the Graduate Fee. Submissions of the Research and Analysis Project are limited to three, because comprehensive individual feedback is provided to all students who do not pass, to help them focus on the learning needed to achieve the required standard. You must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria prior to submission. I am an experienced tax manager in a Big 4 firm but passing the RAP goes beyond this. Your desired outcomes from the second meeting may include the following:

Their role is not to teach or supervise your project, but rather is to help you to reflect on your learning and your approach to the RAP, to hear you deliver a presentation and to verify to Oxford Brookes University that they have held three 30 minute meetings with you, including hearing your presentation. Your mentor will be asked to provide confirmation that the three meetings took place in accordance with the guidelines above. English Heritage, If there are 2 or 3 authors, all names should be given: The design of a questionnaire, or of a set of interview questions, is of critical importance. Please note that when you are writing a business report, then all that is required is a list of references. After this date, the online submission facility will close and you will have to wait until the next session before you can submit.

However, as a minimum, everyone who is undertaking a RAP needs to have a registered Mentor.

obu thesis submission fee

National service framework for diabetes. Solve problems through the identification of key issues, synthesis of information and analytical tools, and the presentation and critical evaluation of a range of options. tyesis


Clear report practical project is poorly produce a relevant and concise applications in structured. However you tthesis also be assessed as competent in the Graduate Skills to secure a pass for the RAP overall. We all know that there are organisations and individuals who are quite happy to encourage cheating by selling projects or writing them for students.


Time is money; therefore, we always keep oobu of deadlines. Their role is not to teach or supervise your project, but rather is to help you to reflect on your learning and your approach to the RAP, to hear you deliver a presentation and to verify to Oxford Brookes University that they have held three 30 minute meetings with you, including hearing your presentation.

You undertake a research-based project related to a single organisation and complete the two components of the RAP: The programme is also referenced to the recognised capabilities as a professional accountant as identified by such regulatory and advisory bodies as the International Federation of Accountants IFAC.

Clear evidence of Referencing is correct referencing mostly absent or methodology. Students can choose how to prepare themselves for the assessments, whether enrolling with a tuition provider or studying individually. Includes makers of lasers, smart cards, bar scanners, fingerprinting equipment and other electronic factory equipment.

Beginning in the submission of fee, dissertations that are not embargoed will be obu through the internet in full-text via Princeton’s digital repository, DataSpace. I have considered the following alternatives How do you plan to do the Report? Take notes to record the actions needed to progress your Research Report and to contribute to your reflection for your Skills and Learning Statement.

Factiva, follow pattern above submssion online journal article Email and other personal communication Saunders, L. My project was properly reviewed before submission and when the result was released I got a C grade which gave me a second class. If not, you cannot apply for a bursary.

Obu thesis submission fee

No chance for laziness Sulaimon Thedis. Alternative arrangements are provided, on request, for students who do not have access to the internet. Topic 8 is the most popular topic chosen by students, therefore we have reflected this in the selection of Research and Analysis projects. Select and apply appropriate accounting and financial management techniques to organisational business planning, decision-making and control.


obu thesis submission fee

A mitigating circumstances meeting and administrative appeals meeting are held for each examination session. The Business School has chosen one of these as the method that we recommend you to use. The full time availability of eubmission representatives further ensures the efficiency of our work.

Ethics Module & RAP Submission Dates Period 38, May

You may write between and words on each question within the total word limit of 2, words. All revisions must be based on the original order instructions. By gaining the BSc Hons in Applied Accounting, you will not only demonstrate to potential or existing employers that you possess all the relevant graduate skills to equip you for a great career in accounting and finance, but you will also establish an association with a university that has a reputation for excellence.

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Please state briefly why you think you submissin for mitigating circumstances — this is very important. You should take care not to use irrelevant questions e.

The programme is delivered in partnership with the applicable to programmes with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants professional body approval Faculty managing the programme: Upper second class honours. Why take the risk? Communicate analysis of accounting and financial information and recommendations to a variety of different audiences.

I got to know about OBUTraining through their website, the testimonies on the site seems unbelievable but I had to put a call through to Adewunmi anyway.