Please see copyright format example on page 15 of this guidebook. Paragraph divisions may be indicated by indenting the first line, or by leaving a blank line in the double-spaced text. Submit to NMU Commons 2 Final electronic version of your thesis along with your reader s names and addresses. When writing the thesis, students must follow the instructions in this guide, in addition to adhering to specific departmental requirements. For convenience, the term. An on-campus restriction limits access to a thesis in The Commons to users on the NMU campus network, either via Wi-Fi or a direct Ethernet connection.

Paragraph divisions may be indicated by an initial left-indented line or by skipping a space between paragraphs. Skip four lines, and begin the appendix. Use lowercase roman numerals for all of the preliminary pages: Preliminary Pages Main Text Pages Reference Pages Each of these major parts has several sections, which are to be arranged in the order listed in the following table. Lance Humboldt, who first suggested and discussed the topic; the staff at Olson Library, especially Dr. Skip four lines and begin the list of sources.

University ETD Formatting Guidelines University ETD Formatting Guidelines University formatting guidelines apply to the font type and font size, page margins, page numbering, page order and the required content and formatting of that content More information. The thesis must represent a coherent body of original work by the student. List of Symbols or Abbreviations: Number guirelines page with the Roman numeral i.

All requirements, including the oral defense, should be completed before the thesis is submitted to the Office of Graduate Education and Research.


Thesis Guidelines – MyENMU

Problems of Historical Accuracy and Reporting Place centered page numbers at the bottom of the page. American Chemical Society, most current edition.

nmu thesis guidelines

For consistency of style, a student should choose only one reference as a guide. The on-line version of this form is not guidelinees, but two original copies of the signature pages should be completed with the exception of the final signature line and submitted to the Office of Graduate Education and Research. Methods of Vampire Destruction An exception to the acceptable Guidebooks noted below is that students may submit either their entire thesis, or a thesis chapter, in a journal-ready format.

nmu thesis guidelines

The number and legend of a table are placed fuidelines the top line of the table. Appendices must meet paper, font, and margin requirements. When conflicts arise between formatting recommended by this manual, and that recommended by a specific style guide, follow the recommendations provided in this manual. Follow the guidelines of the style manual used.

Theses must follow these guidelines in order to be accepted at the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral. Arabic number starting at 1.

Skip two lines and type, centered, the month and year in which the thesis is completed. Paragraph divisions may be indicated by an initial left-indented line or by skipping a space between paragraphs.

These methods have ranged from the primitive impalement with wooden stakes and decapitation, through sprinkling with holy water, exposure to sunlight, and, most recently, penetration with guidelinse dum-dum bullets fired from special automatic weapons.

The citation and abstract will be available from the start, but the ability to download the thesis is disabled until the embargo period has ended.


nmu thesis guidelines

This guide addresses format and presentation concerns. Gun used for Firing Graphite Bullets Long tables, long quotations, footnotes, multi-line captions, and bibliographical entries should be single-spaced.

Thesis Information

The master s thesis consists of a personal and original manuscript More information. University of Chicago Press, most current edition. All questions regarding the thesis format not adequately answered in these guidelines should be directed to the thesis advisor, who may contact the Office of Graduate Education and Research.

If the reprinted material is copyrighted, the student has the responsibility to guidelinds permission to use this material in the thesis. Matters of style are matters for you to decide, subject to certain minimum.

A copy of your thesis will be archived in the. Many departments require an oral defense of the thesis. Any thesis writer not familiar with the problem of plagiarism and the penalties that follow from its use should consult the NMU Student Handbook. After consultation with the thesis readers and the incorporation of their suggestions, the student must then electronically submit the manuscript to the following website: An embargo restricts a thesis from being downloaded in The Commons until after 5 years.

The titles of the chapters or sections and subdivisions should be listed. The text is double-spaced throughout.