When these two values are added, the number in the cone of the rocket is always twice the bigger number on the bottom. Factorising and solving quadratic equations Tablet enabled – iPad Android more We then explored why this is the case using paper strips, before moving into the realms of algebra. I found these resources. We continued to explore this by questions such as:

The Talking Partners Videos require the students to decide which character has given the correct solution to the problem. Please give us feedback, we welcome all correspondence from our users. This is an ideal resource for illustrating concepts and setting problems. I have attached a step by step guide for unzipping the folder. Fitted is an activity that appeared in the key stage 3 section in November An activity to teach pupils to identify scalar and vector quantities. Factorising and solving quadratic equations Tablet enabled – iPad Android more

LT Finding All Possibilities 1. When you’ve found all the combinations a surprising result is revealed which allows you to predict the number of permutations for any sized egg box and any number of eggs.

When solving the three layer pyramid, children noticed that the probblem in the top row were all multiples of 4, and that the number was always four times the middle number on the bottom row. You can test two fractions to see which is bigger by showing a visual representation of the fraction.

Can you find a quick way of adding all the numbers that he might have used? Vector chains Tablet enabled – iPad Android more View the details of a series of pulley systems providing different levels of mechanical advantage.


ngfl maths problem solving

This site uses cookies. The addition can be graphically visualised using free vectors, a common origin configuration, the parallelogram construct or vector chains.

This simple resource visually illustrates how the sum of several vectors can be found by arranging them as a chain.

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The ultimate reaction test Tablet enabled – iPad Android more A while ago, some draft materials were produced that looked at the progression in finding rules and describing patterns. Talking partners video equation of a parallel line. By playing this game your students will develop a variety of mental strategies that help them to identify equivalent fractions.

What are the two numbers? I found these resources.

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solvlng Equivalent fractions Tablet enabled – iPad Android more Click here for video instructions on how to use this super teaching aid to its full potential. A ten minute starter activity to test how well your pupils are able to plot and read their coordinates. To download the zipfile, click here Mediafire or here 4share:.

This resource also contains a useful mnemonic to remember the first 8 digits of pi as well as a slide that displays the first digits of pi. Fraction Blocks Tablet enabled – iPad Android more The young Gauss produced the correct answer within seconds, to the astonishment of his teacher.


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A timed quiz to test your knowledge of algebra. Children invetsigated all by finding all 12 pentominoes using square paper provided below, then sorted onto Venn diagram: I used this template explore the relationship between to the sum and difference between two numbers. Another beautiful geometric proof to help your pupils understand Pythagoras. They construct their shape using a flexible polygon which can then be compared to the correct enlargement. Planet information gap Information gap activities require children to work in pairs and share information verbally.

ngfl maths problem solving

This clever game will teach your students to visualise and compare the value of different fractions. A great resource for introducing pupils to the concepts of work and conservation of energy.

The addition can also be analysed numerically by a consideration of the horizontal and vertical components. Eggstreme maths An in-depth investigation in which you must find the number ways in which eggs can be packed in different sized egg boxes.

mayhs This open-ended resource allows you to create different visual representations of two fractions and display them side by side. The squares can be painted in the colour of your choice.