Effective solid waste management and environmental protection programmes call for a clear definition of roles, jurisdictions, legal responsibilities and rights of the concerned governmental bodies and other organizations. Another author who attempted to define solid waste is Schubeler44who defined solid waste to include refuse from households, non-hazardous solid waste from industrial, commercial and institutional establishments including hospitals , market waste, yard waste and street sweepings. A researcher employed Interview as the research tool in the field with a view of collecting information. They had also dealt intensively with the aspect of organic and inorganic waste management and explain how each type of waste must be correctly dealt with if mankind is to decrease the outbreak of disease thereby ensuring that all inhabitants of the planet earth have a healthy future. This literature is germane in the sense that the author has critical analysed the role of other actors other than the government in solid waste management. Other active stakeholders on solid waste management are individual companies and good will people, who take social responsibility through contribution of solid waste management instruments such as blooms, dustbins and others of the like.

Section 4 3 of the established by-law requires the waste carriage trucks to be tighten to the extent that the carried waste is not seen and does not fall down on the way when transported for disposal. The term Urban Authority as has been used in this context has the meaning as connoted under the Local Government Urban Authorities Act72which give the general definition of the term urban authority to mean a town council, a municipal council or a city council. For instance, regardless of the price fluctuation which causes the life expenses increase the by-law still stipulate the refuse fee which were used five or three years ago. The legal status of the Council is a body corporate with perpetual succession and common seal and its corporate name is capable of suing and being sued and capable of holding, purchasing and otherwise acquiring and disposing of movable or immovable property. However, it does not mean that the duty of solid waste management be left exclusively to private enterprises as there are some places which need the hand of the local authorities, for instance on the enforcement of the law, as this research revealed that it has been difficulty for the private enterprises to enforce laws on solid waste management. The Act97 imposes a penalty of not less than one hundred thousand shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months or both for any person who contravenes with this provision.

Hereunder are the institutions as provided for under the Act which deals with the management and the protection of theeis at the regional level;- 3.

This particular position has been reached on the fact that most of the respondents to this questions commented that the practice in solid waste management worsen due to concentration of socio-economic activities and escalating population growth.

It may not be reproduced by any means in full or in part, except for short extracts in fair dealings, for research or private study, critical scholarly review or discourse with an acknowledgement, without the written permission of Mzumbe University, on behalf of the author.


Emission of fly ash and other particles are often controlled by wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and bag filters. To my brother Elly John Marere, for your tjesis, love, constant attention and encouragement, despite the distance. It is usual that the rate at which solid waste is generated is far higher than the capacity to responsibly manage such waste. However, the Municipal have been facing some challenges in solid waste management such as low community involvement in solid waste management, lack of awareness, high cost of operation, inadequate tools for solid waste management, inadequate fund for operation, poor law enforcement as there is a laxity of actors or law enforcers such as extension officers, Mwenyekiti wa Mtaa, ward level leaders and Lack of landfills.

Furthermore, the central government does not subside the waste collection activities thus Ilala seems always dirty due to the burden of its location say Kariakoo thfsis —pollutions with limited resources. This literature is important as it provides more knowledge on sustainable management of household solid waste. Singh, J et al24 in thesid piece of work analysed that human being in their ignorance and lack of foresight, have now created so much inorganic waste that the whole planet is suffering from pollution in the air in the rivers and oceans of the world as well as on the landmasses.

Their critical comments on my research importantly stretched my thoughts outside the box. He further expounded and map stakeholders inherent diversity and dynamism and propose for solid waste privatization and core impediments to waste management. I recognise his blimey and I am always in endless owe.

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Thess the functions of Municipal Environment Management Officer are; – to advise the Environment Management Committee to which he belongs on the all matters relating to thedis environmental awareness in the area he belongs on the protection of the environment and utilisation of natural resources in the area,review by-laws on environmental management and a sector specific activities related to the environment and report to the Director of the Environment and the Director — General on the implementation of the Act.

B of Mzumbe University. This implies that significant proportion of the waste generated end up in the environment in an unacceptable ways of disposal which accentuates environmental and public health risks.

It is the credence of this research that private enterprises can usually provide solid waste management services such as collection, transfer and disposal services more efficiently and at lower cost than the public sector. Another reason which causes the legal framework on solid waste in urban areas not sufficient is that, the unicersity are not realistic and logical as does not unoversity the circumstances of the people as you may find the storey building pays a little amount of money compared to a person with just a single mzube while the rate of waste generated is quite different.

The specific objectives of the research were; – to examine the laws on whether they cater the need for the community in solid waste management in urban areas, to examine the practice as whether it complies with the legal framework on the solid waste management in urban areas and to explore the role of the community and other stakeholders in management of solid waste in urban areas.


mzumbe university thesis

The Act has given the number of ways on how the local authorities should manage waste inter alia being solid waste in their jurisdiction areas;- 99 Public Health Act, Section 75 3 a, b Ibid, Section 76 3 a Ibid, Section 77 Ibid, Section 78 1 and 2 Ibid, Section 79 a, b, c, d, univerxity CAP R. To my mother Naomi Daud Agutu, for everything you have done for me since I was born.

The documents reviewed included the ones available at Ilala Thewis Council at Dar-es-salaam and Mzumbe University Mbeya Campus College library concerning the research topic which is about solid waste management in urban areas: Are the community members and other stakeholders active on solid waste management? Limited which conduct its functions in Ilala Municipality specifically city centre effective regulation of the partnership arrangements and adequate management of the private partners through clear specifications, monitoring and control.

The field study aided the researcher to collect the raw primary data from different respondents.


For instance; – cities like Mwanza, Arusha, Dar-es-salaam are adversely affected by solid waste pollution. Skip to main content. So to speak things like fluctuation and life hardship should be considered in the making of the solid waste management programmes and rules. The Act has pointed out in various ways on how the mzumbr waste should be managed;- The Act94imposes the duty to the Authority District or Urban to universjty or contract an agent to set aside areas of adequate size for the purpose of solid waste disposal.


Help Center Find new research papers in: They had also dealt intensively with the aspect univeristy organic and inorganic waste management and explain how each type of waste must be correctly dealt with if mankind is to decrease the outbreak of disease thereby ensuring that all inhabitants of the planet earth have a healthy future.

The Act also provides for the factors to be considered for the choice of methods univrrsity solid wastes disposal, it provides for the factors such as the climatic condition, its economic ability and that of its community, Environmental Health Impact Assessment of that land, environmental hygienic social benefits available and the availability of sites for tipping.

mzumbe university thesis

Asia Law House Shovel M. In many instances the responsibility for solid waste management has been delegated to the local authorities urban authorities without adequate support to capacity building to the staffs and personnel of the local government urban authority. Moreover, due to the fact that data on the study were anticipated to be collected from different sources and places, financial constraint to effect travel in different places led to inadequate data to meet the objective of the study.

To my young sisters Adelina, Lucresia and Flaviana, for your love, encouragement, patience, understanding, prayers, moral support and constant attention.