Outline of the theory of structuration. How is this transformation of media related to the everyday agency and sense making practices of peop- le in Europe? The International Encyclope- dia of Communication. We can thus conclude that we cannot study a long-term meta process in general; instead it makes sense to examine and analyze in de- tail what happens in the particular individual areas of life. As all this leads to more con- trol and power and makes the net more and more to an instrument of ongoing hegemony, this must be countermanded: How everyday life and social relations, culture and society are changing in the context of media development]. We do not concentrate on media, but on the social reality.

On pursuing how digital media technologies can be designed and contextualised so as to contribute to new forms of living and learning in the digital age? Sonia Livingstone LSE addresses this plea in a way by presenting results of insights into the mediatization of classroom and family interaction based on studying the habits of children in the United Kingdom. In the perspective of the Frankfurt School, critical research consists of confronting the real developments with the possible ones — and this is what a mediatization approach can help to do by analyzing developments in detail and comparing the results with what could be possible under different conditions. Exploring these differences within, but also fundamental commonality across, approaches to mediatization research implies a further question: Skip to main content. Then, reminding us of the many and convoluted paths of cultural evolution, the heavy focus on quantifying learning that we saw in our UK class has few echoes in the Danish classroom, and seems differently managed also in the American classroom. Recent research has shown that it is not simply a matter of individual media contents:

New Developments in an Enlarged Europe. Others again reduce the media disserrtation Krotz, F. The boy is a modern, young man who came to experience the me- dia innovations and the following mediatization of the 20th century. Their Structure and Dynamics Sorokin draws up the context and material preconditions for human interac- tion.

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Let me explore this in a few areas, so that you get a sense of how differ- ently things can play out within mediatization celsq, depending on which area one chooses. Media and Communication Studies Interventions and Inter- sections.

Dissertatiln was the growing importance of pictures under different cultural or religious conditions, the invention of the printing press and its disseration forms of use in different cultures, the development of media of interpersonal and institutional communication like the letter and later the telephone and the cell, or computer games as an example for media of inter- active communication.


Thompson carries such an ap- proach to interaction and mediatization6 further, focusing on symbolic forms and their modes of production and circulation in the interaction and commu- nication.

As a consequence, mediatization research has three different branches: He suggests a new conceptual framework for the mediatization of politics, thus challenging the area of mediatization research where the media logic concept may seem most apt. Reacting to the growing economic pressure and imminent casualization of academic labour at many European universities, Francois Heinderyckx ULB addresses the changing working conditions and expectations e.


I turned to the German sociologist Georg Simmel — A Critical History of Social Media. At the same time, they also highlight the growing need for a more thorough theoretical understanding of the ana- lysed phenomena and clear definitions of theoretical frameworks and concepts. Persons, places and institutions that relate to that are the football players, the stadium, the different football leagues, and the other clubs in these leagues, the referees, the staff of the club, and all the organizations that care for football in general.

So shall we give up on the digital media learning vision? To focus on media logic hides these patterns of interaction, I argue Lundby Fieldwork As the project title suggests, we have conducted an ethnographic study of one class in an ordinary school, over a full academic year, following them through a range of experiences and watching them change.

Both initiatives focus on young scholars and their specific needs in the field of media and communication studies, without compartmentalising them, i. The main claim is that the balance between the rights of the copyright holder and the user has changed since the advent of the electronic book, restricting the efficiency of copyright limitations in respect of user rights — and social sharing of cultural commodi- ties — in many ways.

Nevertheless, it is not before the second half of the s that one finds the first attempts to develop the concept systematically as being fundamental for communication studies Krotz, ; These do, doubtless, deliver some benefit, but they rule out other benefits along the way, particularly those within the vision of connected learning — collaborative, flexible, creative, interest-driven.

xissertation Finally in this introductory chapter, let us say what makes the concept of mediatization special and why we recommend its use. Hannu Nieminen and Anna-Laura Markkanen U Helsinki explore how user rights have changed with regards to analogue printed books and digital media e-books. Kim Sawchuk has researched a group of activist elders in Canada.


méthodologie dissertation celsa

This is what I meant when I argued, a few years ago, that everything was mediated Livingstone, — not only by media technologies but also by the many other material conditions that shape communication, exchange, space and time. Self-Representations in New Media and Mediatization: All of us have to juggle demands in terms of research, teaching and administrative tasks, deal with the requirement for international mobility, as well as disseryation find a healthy balance between work and private life.

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To preserve this experience, remember in many of the Summer School langu- ages: In addition it is evident that this social world is a mediatized world, as the computer games themselves need digital media, and most activities of the members of this world are communicated by digital media.

We, diissertation as the management team of the Young Scholars Network of ECREA, believe that such stories of total dedication as well as magic formulas, cook- book recipes, and the pocket guides to academic success serve false aspirations and hopes as well as hinder a critical attitude towards academic work.

His book on media ecology came right after the launch of the first celxa Lundby b: The school we studied was perfectly ordinary and in many ways could be described as successful. Ambivalence of modernity The Norwegian painter Edvard Munch — was an early observer of emerging modernity1 with the ambivalences that the new times carried for people Berman et al.

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The two see in mediatization overall consequences of multiple processes of mediation. All this all and a lot more — for example a regional meeting of the fans — dissertqtion the material basis of the social world of football and football fandom. Thanks to the network for discussing the ideas in this chapter and to Rafal Zaborowski for his work with us on The Class.