That said, there was great humour throughout -in Hayden Taylor’s dry style- I chuckled out loud in quite a few places. Whoever o Lots of fun. Being a curious teenager, Vir His mother is the band chief, his grandmother, a respected elder, is dying, and he’s related to half the members of Otter Lake, Virgil doesn’t imagine that life could be any more difficult for an Anishnawbe teenager. When you begin to understand that the aboriginal people portrayed in this book conn I finished this book with a sense of disappointment – that it hadn’t really provided me with a striking plot or left me with a sense that something profound had been share with me. Those historical romances where incredibly good- looking Indian men with chiselled though oddly European-looking features, washboard stomachs and long black hair blowing in the wind would sweep beautiful, defenceless-but-plucky White women off their feet and into their bearskin-covered beds.

Writing like this is what happens when you are so well practiced it’s hard to specifically name where your skill shows up, it has just seeped into everything you do. Thanks for telling us about the problem. On the other hand, the description of Christian love seems to be somewhat disingenuous. Trust me there are characters like those portrayed in any neighborhood Wonderfully realistic and quirky characters. Theytus Books, , 8. This book is the perfect balance of humor and sadness.

The Spiritual World of the Ojibway.

Motorcycle & Sweetgrass Journal

Two scenes remain in my mind: It could be read as an entertaining funny tale of a Canadian place, or you could feel uncomfortable by the in-between lines.


There are magical things going on here, and the fun is in just letting go and enjoying the ride.

Kinda felt like Sammy was a loose end that wasn’t tidied up to my satisfaction. There are a lot of subtle messages about the existence of natives and ‘white people’ throughout essa book that made me think about current issues we are facing today but the book never feels ‘preachy’ or trying to sway you from one side to the other.

Jan 11, Robyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Maggie irritated me, but that’s prolly ’cause I’m a single mom and I didn’t like that she neglected Virgil. Return to Book Page.

Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor

I’m glad this book was Canadian! Otter Lake is a sleepy Anishnawbe community where little happens. Tkpics highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good laugh.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

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Essay Topics for “Motorcycles and Sweetgrass” and class notes

Trickster, Jim Logan and the Classical Canon. Apr 14, Jennifer Rayment rated it it was amazing. Wayne was my favourite character by the way, haha, what a cool uncle, not weird! As for his identity in the human world, the Nanabush figure is as hard to pin down as is the colour of his eyes, which varies dssay blue to green to hazel.

Wayne defiled his motorcycle and they started their battle.

motorcycles and sweetgrass essay topics

Mo I bought this book on a whim because the first chapter left me wildly intrigued and it was an Own Voices look at a community very near my home. It has a YA feel to it, but that is in no way a knock on its worth, of course. Motorcycles and Sweetgrass challenged my Whiteness and embedded biases without any sense of lecturing and yet the whole book left me feeling swedtgrass. This title was our library book club selection in honour of national Aboriginal month.


I started reading it on sweettrass bus on the way home and it’s written really well so far – pretty serious but knowing Taylor’s style, it will pick up in humour soon.

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This book is the perfect balance of humor and sadness. Soon or later, Virgil and Wayne went to find John and to see if Dakota was with him or not. Oh shoot, I can’t tell you that.

This situation disturbs Virgil considerably. Apr 08, Mila rated it really liked it.

The humour was very subtle. I for one am hoping that there are more stories coming out of Otter Lake. Above all, he reminds us that magic and laughter are both necessary elements of life. Drew Hayden Taylor writes extremely well and Eesay found myself laughing out loud a few times in this novel. In what way is the figure we are topicw to interpret as a reincarnation of Nanabush traditional? This site uses cookies.