The second section of the literature review presents how Indigenous knowledges and the theoretical framework reference the terms accountability and responsibility. Another component of this dissertation research is the Indigenous position from which I critique the educational system and Bourdieu’s work. This educational choice is similar to Canadian Aboriginal peoples’ educational pathways. These gatekeepers are found at the institutional level and, consequently, the barriers established by gatekeepers can be articulated as the institution’s responsibility to Aboriginal education. SAGE Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancement , a peer mentoring program for Aboriginal graduate students, was another form of support that also guided my doctoral journey. Find Michele Pidgeons phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory Our company offers one of the better writing services available.

Influences of Power In exploring the role of mainstream education in terms of educational policy, curriculum, and pedagogy, Marker explains that Aboriginal education with some exceptions. The second is the cultural dispossession account, which explains class difference in educational representation in terms of cultural handicap. Fundamental to EAs 40 is the requirement that school districts provide strong programs on the culture of local Aboriginal peoples on whose traditional territories the districts are located. The fourth and final section of this literature review discusses the idea of the university as a field within which Indigenous knowledges endeavor to exist. Also, it is important to embrace the complexity of post-secondary institutions and the multiple societal institutions in relation to the quality of students’ experiences within post-secondary institutions.

Many Aboriginal people in the Western education system, whether teachers or students, are excluded from the institutions’ standards of success, wealth, and power because they are unable or unwilling to reproduce the ideology” Harris,p.

The delimitations of this study logically impose several limitations on its findings.

A framework and tool for assessing Indigenous content in Canadian social work curricula

Counter-hegemonic movements that are anti-colonial i. The developed child and youth care program “enabled graduates to work in their local communities in ways that sustained and revitalized local cultures. Familiarize yourself with the theoretical framework from the issue and read everything you can: My self-identification and how I positioned myself pidfeon this research helped me form relationships with participants within this research process. The four cultural masks assimilated, marginalized, estranged, and transcultured can be considered continuums of experiences.


michelle pidgeon dissertation

pidheon The next chapter extends the theoretical understandings of Indigenous knowledges systems further into an Indigenous research paradigm which defines the research process of this dissertation. Implications for First Nations education: Understanding notions of power explains how individual agency within a university structure can be sites of resistance and transformation. Find Michele Pidgeons phone, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory Our company offers one of the better writing services available.

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Expanding Bourdieu’s notions of capital and habitus to reflect the Indigenous understandings is important in challenging the deficit model applied to those who do not have the same valued forms of capital and habitus reinforced within the mainstream. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal faculty members and academic administrators also took part in the interviews. Conversely, public academics, through their pedagogical practice and research, work towards supporting Indigenous ways of knowing in a respectful manner that provides reciprocal benefits to the scholar and community.

Kirkness and Barnhardt’s 4Rs were used to critically examine the responsibilities of universities to Aboriginal higher education.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

At various points, my committee members, family, and friends listened to my experiences of being a doctoral student; this sharing helped me on my way. My sisters — Tina, Natasha and Thomasina disswrtation contributed in many ways to this journey, each one, unique as she is– I love you all.

Michelle pidgeon dissertation

This goal was motivated by the need for equity and the growing Aboriginal population in the province. Indigenous Research Paradigm Indigenous peoples have been reclaiming research and redefining the relationship between research and themselves.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

Indigenization of education involves Aboriginal people “making [Indigenous] educational philosophy, pedagogy, and system our own, making the effort to explicitly explore ways of knowing and systems of knowledge that have been actively repressed” Wildcat, b, p. In this discussion of capital, dissertaation is important to recognize the delegitimization of Indigenous linguistic and cultural competence by colonizers Marker, Second, Bourdieu’s theory of social reproduction provides insight into the power of the educational system in reproducing the dominant values and beliefs about success.


Chooses and recommends a relevant graduate thesis from works submitted through a contest to be considered for publication by CERIC. Understanding the role of Indigenous knowledges in higher education as empowering Aboriginal students’ cultural integrity was also discussed in this chapter in terms of current retention theories. Search the worlds information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Instead, it exists in an infinitely complex network of micro-powers pidgwon permeate all aspects of social life.

Through tireless effort and much lobbying, she helped establish the Office of Native Student Services in Pidgeon, Institutional responsibility involves working with Aboriginal peoples in transforming policy, posture, and practice of universities.

Indigenous knowledge is built vertically into the institution through the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Understanding the range and diversity of educational 42 experiences these students might have is critical in any model developed for Aboriginal persistence.

Dei and Asgharzadeh argue that labeling work as “atheoretical,” can be viewed as an attempt 21 to deny the validity of the knowledge shared by certain bodies who do not follow the conventionally accepted methods of theorizing — that is, to discredit those who take a stance against the hegemonic social order. Within such environments, the discourse of “best” institution and “best” student are earmarked with accountability standards to the public.

I do believe that sharing my history with participants created a space where I was accepted as a person who was doing research following the 4Rs. Get the latest on Michelle Pidgeon on Fandango. Action for Health Cross Thematic Materials. This literature review contextualizes Indigenous knowledge within post-secondary education and analyzes dissertatioh literature on retention and on Aboriginal participation in post-secondary institutions.

However, as Andres found, the articulated transfer system in British Columbia is not without its problems.