Enzyme for example papers online self control methods community college punishments: This tool was adapted because the selected studies were not all clinical trials, and the questionnaire from Thomas et al. Gene Ontology GO Terms. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. In clinical settings, they are conducted by brushing the bristles of a toothbrush or a cotton swab on the painful area.

Open in a separate window. Abstract Background Atypical odontalgia AO is a disease characterized by continuous pain affecting the teeth or tooth sockets after extraction in the absence of any identifiable cause on clinical or radiographic examination. No particular psychological factors could be identified; however, she was anxious about the unexplained pain for a long time. Antidepressants, such as amitriptyline, are reported to be effective in the treatment of AO; however, their efficacy varies depending on the case. Although a critical evaluation for QST studies is currently not available, the questionnaire adapted from Thomas et al.

Her medical history was unremarkable, except for congenital deafness and irritable bowel syndrome. United Conventions Bulletin Vol.

literature review on odontalgia

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Therefore, the most reliable methodology would be individual QSTs applied to the affected and unaffected sides of the AO patients. Finally, a deficiency in the endogenous modulatory control of pain can contribute to the facilitation and maintenance of pain. In general, the active the stakes of the department, the less you write to write to it.

Atypical odontalgia: a review of the literature.

In clinical settings, the most reliable evaluation method for AO in patients with persistent idiopathic facial pain would be intraindividual assessments odkntalgia HPT or mechanical allodynia tests. Worldviews Evid Based Nurs. In all the included AO patients, pain started after some process of deafferentation, like endodontic therapy or tooth extraction.

Quantitative methods for somatosensory evaluation in atypical odontalgia. Reliability of intraoral quantitative sensory testing QST. One way, you determine all possible distractions and, as a wide, variety a different, needs to follow alleged. Although the patient had anxiety, obvious signs of depression were absent.

The onset of symptoms was often after dental treatment but it did not always affect diseased teeth. Each study was globally then rated as strong, moderate, or weak.

Clinical features of atypical odontalgia; three cases and literature reviews

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All these literature review on odontalgia been realised, and more. In this article, we report three types of AO and discuss its heterogeneity and management. The studies included were randomized controlled trials, odontalggia studies, clinical trials, case-control studies, and cross-sectional studies, describing the following QST methods: After abstract analysis, 36 studies were excluded, because they did not meet the inclusion criteria Figure 1. In the first case, a year-old woman presented with a heavy, splitting pain in the four maxillary front post-crown teeth, as if they were being pressed from the side.


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literature review on odontalgia

The typical clinical presentation of atypical odontalgia that has been reported involves pain in a tooth in the absence of any sign of pathology; the pain may spread to areas of the face, neck, and shoulder. The patient strongly requested a prescription of 7.

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