The honorary doctorate is to be conferred in a manner worthy of the occasion by handing over a certificate signed by the Rector and the Chairperson of the School of Science. Decisions of the School of Science or those bodies acting on its behalf which pertain to rejection of an application for admission for a doctorate, rejection of performances in components of the doctorate proceedings, rejection of the conferment of an academic degree, rejection of an application to repeat components of the doctorate proceedings or withdrawal of the doctor title must be accompanied by written grounds and must be shown to have been delivered to the candidate concerned. On the subpages you can find out more about the requirements, conditions and procedure involved in a doctoral project at the Faculty of Education. When an appeal is received by the Chairperson of the School of Science, the School Committee is to make a decision on the appeal within three months, for which purposes it is to hear the candidate concerned and, in the case of appeals in accordance with Para. The thesis is generally the self- contained individual work of one author.

The cooperation agreement is to contain provisions regarding the joint supervision of the candidate by a lecturer from each institution, as well as details of the proceedings to be followed and the grading criteria; it requires the confirmation of the Doctorate Committee. Otherwise, enrolment is optional. On the subpages you will find information about the procedure and all the necessary registration forms. In all cases, the Doctorate Committee is to verify that the candidate possesses the required knowledge in the scientific field of the thesis. Varzim vs aves analysis essay and contrast essay ap my father essay in gujarati site essay middlebrow virginia woolf analysis essay nagasaki august 9 essay writer environmental dissertation opinion essay future of our planet essay on tree plantation, john adams vs thomas jefferson essay paper site essay una voce poco fa analysis essay, patjhad ritu essay writing the guitarist tunes up poem analysis essay essaying the role of a teacher baskett research papers bu dissertation defense youtube pre and post campaign research paper nurse patient communication essay papers 74 page essays should you double space a college essay jerusalema movie analysis essay essaytagger manual meat.


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The thesis is to be written in one language and is to incorporate a summary in English and in the relevant national drseden. All additional information can be found within the doctoral degree regulations of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences from the 22 nd of August The provisions of these Doctorate Regulations apply accordingly for bi-national doctorate proceedings, subject to the following exceptions: To support you in your doctoral candidacy to successfully graduate as Doctor of Philosophy Dr.

The universities concerned are to be named.

The credit points are generally to be earned within two semesters. Graduates of a university of applied sciences Fachhochschule may be granted admission by way of a cooperative procedure. This is because the academic work thesis should produce results that promote the disssrtation of specific area of scholarship, its theories, methods and procedures.

A thesis may be produced with or in exceptional cases without the scientific supervision of a lecturer of the School of Science. The acceptance as a doctoral candidate may require certain conditions to be met e.

Doctorate Studies

The assessors are appointed by the Doctorate Commission. Decisions regarding recognition of the equivalence of foreign qualifications are made by the Doctorate Committee on the basis of relevant equivalence treaties.

It evaluates the thesis, the rigorosum and the disputation and sets the overall grade to be awarded for the doctorate. Admission to the second oral component of the proceedings requires that the first component has been passed.

The rigorosum and disputation are generally held in the German or English language. Staff or enrolled students are automatically provided with a login to a ZIH account. To log in to Promovendus, you need a valid ZIH account. He notifies these dates to the candidate at least two weeks in advance, invites the Doctorate Commission and informs the assessors. The certificate is effective for about three months and can be requested on the same day that the documents for the acceptance as a doctoral candidate or the initiation of the doctoral degree procedures are requested.

The meetings of the Doctorate Commission are not public. All doctorate proceedings to be opened after the aforementioned effective date are to be kumhlative on the basis of these regulations. The doctorate file is to remain accessible for a period of two years and is then to be archived.


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Bi-national doctorate proceedings lead to the granting of a doctorate degree on the basis of a doctorate thesis. Doctorate proceedings already opened at the time at which these regulations come into effect are to be completed on the basis of the provisions of the Doctorate Regulations dissertarion the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences dated 20th March In case you do not have a valid ZIH-account, please make use of the alumni form.

Executed on the basis of the resolutions of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of 15th July and 19th January and the approval of the Rector’s Office of 1st February Kumulativve file an application for the enrolment in doctoral studies, please use the following website of the enrolment office.

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Doctorate Studies — Faculty of Environmental Sciences — TU Dresden

After consultation with the Dean of the relevant faculty, the order of the oral examination components disputation and rigorosum is also to be determined at the time of opening. Within the TU Dresden network, Promovendus is accessible at all times.

kumulative dissertation tu dresden

Skip to secondary navigation. This notification contains the scientific field, the subject areas for the rigorosum, the order of the required oral dissertatioon components disputation and rigorosumand the appointed assessors and members of the Doctorate Commission. The doctor title may be withdrawn if it is revealed at a later date that the candidate culpably contributed to incorrect decisions by the relevant bodies, and that the candidate thus obtained an advantage leading to awarding of the doctor title.

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The members are to be appointed by the responsible bodies of the university concerned.