Speaking of punctuality, as the best speech, I’m in charge of getting you to the church on time, so let’s not let your wife-to-be down, okay? The white symbolizes purity. Maybe send her a few YouTube videos of cats doing funny things. We recognize that the sponsor is a representative of the parish community and the Orthodox community as a whole during the betrothal and corronation. This is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, we know that wedding customs and traditions vary slightly in different regions, in different religions, in different families and in different time periods.

His parents and close friends tie a red scarf around his waist 3 times, signifying his fertility. It is a beautiful service, often held in a Greek Orthodox church and it is mainly orchestrated and pronounced by the Priest. And the wedding crowns used in them belong to the church, and are brought out at every wedding. The traditional pin is made of pink, white or blue ribbon and features a tiny cross or icon in the center. In some traditions, this entails the sponsorship of children, but I haven’t really heard anything beyond that. However, there are certain commitments that are attached to this role. The duties she has to perform include exchanging the wedding rings and the wedding crowns for the couple during the ceremony, as well as holding the ribbon tying the crowns as they take their first steps around the altar as married people.

Edible Greek Wedding Favors Oct 31st, Dpeech older days, many believed that it advised every woman to tremble and obey without objection to their husbands. The exchanging of the rings, which is switched back and forth 3 times, signifies that in married life, the weakness of one partner will be compensated by the strength of the other.

John the Baptist – September 14th the Exaltation of the Holy Cross – December 13thth – and the day before feast days and all Holy Days of the Lord Otherwise, the calendar is open for your selection. We have written our speech! After being released from Flushing Hospital with only bruised legs the next day I went to koumbara pound to retrieve some items.


Family is also at the core of many Greek cultural traditions, and gender also plays an important role in the family dynamic, as males have historically been more visible in the public eye though this has begun to change in the past few decades.

Expectations of the Koumbaro or Koumbara

Since my speech will be about your beautiful wedding story with your lady, I’ve decided to write speech letter to talk about me and you. Its all about the money and who can throw the more lavish wedding. I honor, respect and revel in the chance to learn how others celebrate, and hope that this post brings you knowledge, enlightenment, instruction and inspiration–whatever you’re looking for. This he does after the threefold “exchange” of the wreaths. In divorce the koumbari cease to be so.

Unless one is a beer-stein holding champion, holding even a lightweight wedding crown above one’s head for the duration of the crowning period is rather difficult. Love this and brought back memories or my Greek wedding. Sometimes, the almonds are wrapped in white tulle with blue ribbon to represent the colors of the Greek flag.

koumbara wedding speech

It has 8 basic parts: Posted 27 August – Please log in to reply. The couple, after being showered with rice or confetti, should become permanently connected together as if having roots.

Role of sponsors beyond the wedding service

In greek culture especially in the diaspora it truly is a commercial spectacle. But it highlighted what a great sport she is. Two to do the holding, kiumbara at least one other on standby to take over when fatigue sets in. The Russian tradition is different, in that a wedding sponsor is not always formally appointed.

koumbara wedding speech

Posted 31 May – While it is often the case in that tradition that one’s “best man” becomes Godfather to the first child born to the couple, making his wife the Godmother, this is not an absolute requirement. Because family is so important in Greek culture, it’s expected that children will get married, and they typically do so in big celebrations full of socializing, food, sperch and dancing.


Expectations of the Koumbaro or Koumbara

The bride and weddin each hold a lighted candle for a majority of the service, reminding the couple of the light of Christ who is with them throughout the sacrament and their coming life together. Traditionally there is only one Koumbaros or Koumbara, but increasingly many priests permit couples, or Koumbari [plural]. Posted 30 May – The purpose of the sponsor is to bear some of the financial costs, such as buying the candles the crowns donations to the church.

Traditionally, the Koumbara also covers all of the costs for the religious aspects of the koumhara, such as the marriage crowns, the fee for the priest and the silver cup and tray used in the ceremony. My disease has brought upon a great deal of medical scares, and your accident that almost took your life led to an incredibly long recovery process.

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The Role of the Koumbara – Grenglish

If a Godfather and Godmother are chosen, they are two unrelated people, and the sex of the Godparent taking the most active part in the ceremony matches that koummbara the person being baptised. In Greece, your name is important because it links you to both family and the church. Some of these customs are very common in most Greek weddings today, and some may be less prevalent.