You should specify which aims will be done during the K99 and R00 phases. I got 6 examples from friends and labmates. Congrats on submitting it! Ok, the first thing was beer. This is very helpful information and you explained very well! Yeah I wish I had my summary as well: Would have been so useful to have this ahead of time!!!

Hi Anita, This is very informative and conducive. Yeah I wish I had my summary as well: Could you please share your application material. Overall though, this experience has been wonderful. I have to post my updated score… it is kinda a long story… Reply. I am much better at taking the time to write about why particle size patterns are important, and then just calling it that. I noticed the link for the K99 program officers is dead.

A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for the NIH K99/R00

This should include an abstract of the proposal as well as a few sentences about your career development plan, your collaborators, and the institutional environment. Thanks for the tip. I recommend emailing the program officer PO for your institute to confirm your eligibility window.

k99 personal statement

I noticed the link for the K99 program officers is dead. Its one hell of a process. Skip to primary content.

A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for the NIH K99/R00 | Brains Explained

I highly recommend this book it saved my life!! Each field usually has a couple institutes they always hit up. Note that you can update the review committee about the status of any papers just before they meet, which is several months after the grant deadline. First I got a 35 then resubmitted got an It should reiterate all the same points about how great the department and university is, and perwonal should mention that you will be able to take any specific courses that you proposed in your training plan.


I submitted applications twice and received the same score both times sadly, both non-fundable. Sattement for authentication of key resources: You are commenting using your WordPress. Make sure to address ALL these points and to coordinate this statement with your own training plan.

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They will discuss your score at that meeting and post it working days later. It seems like most people have figures. The NIH page I linked to above has examples and templates for what the biosketch should look like. The NIH keeps changing how grants are submitted online and none of my labmates knew what the current process was. Same idea as above, but talk about specific equipment like microscopes, electrophysiology rigs, behavioral setups, PCR machines, etc.

k99 personal statement

Career goals and objectives: Only some of the documents have official page limits and the guidelines can be found prrsonal. I tried to hide behind jargon to make my trait sound more important than it was. My reviewers made a big deal out of my lack of postdoc publications. I had 9, but 2 were just models or schematics.


Talk about the RCR course at your university. For example, if your eligibility ends in December, the latest you can apply is first in February and again in November.

I got 6 examples from friends and labmates. That is a great improvement. Mention what fringe rate you used for the calculations. Other than that, I hope all of this information will ensure that other postdocs have a slightly less stressful time applying for the K99!

k99 personal statement

I learned many thing regarding K99 from your blog. In theory, your advisor should already have this and will just give it to you. When I initially commented I appear to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I receive four emails with the exact same comment.

I suppose the process would be quicker if you already have a proposal that you can build on e.