Help Center Find new research papers in: It is quite common that some countries feel more superior to others so if an employee comes from a country considered inferior, even though they have the qualifications for a position, they may not be given because of the bias that they might possibly be incompetent for the position. A Powerful New Model. Harvard business review July—august By Muhammad Assad Mujtaba. This will go a long way in helping retain high performers in the organization as there will be satisfaction.

Not all employees share the same values so each one may want to defend what they believe in-in this way, there is bound to have all sorts of attitudes within the employees depending on what they believe in. Hwang et al suggests the need to enhance29 working conditions to improve job performance and convince employees not to leave their job. According to Thahier et al. Therefore, the need for achievement would encourage someone to develop creativity and skills as well as direct all its energy in order to achieve optimal performance. Within the same individual, there may be job satisfaction at a certain time and the next time, there is dissatisfaction. Extrinsic motivation comes about when an activity is done in order to attain some separable outcome, one does not necessarily enjoy doing the task but because there is an outcome they want to achieve, they will be motivated to do it.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri

It is ho e er halle gi g to orre tly judge o e s te pera e t duri g e ployee selection, so there are likely to e attitude pro le s espe ially if ro g people ere sele ted for a particular job in that aspect. Help Center Find new research papers in: Job satisfaction in the Republic of Macedonia: To link to this article: They look at job satisfaction as the attitude of workers towards the organization, their job, fellow workers and other psychological objects of the work environment.


Lastly, the nature of work and attitude is very important; employers think that employees are more interested in the pay they get thus attitude change, however, job challenge27, autonomy, variety, and scope—best predicts overall job satisfaction, as well as other important outcomes like employee retention.

If during selection of employees a personality is not well matched with the job requirements, then there is likely to be an attitude problem ith that e ployee.

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New articles related to this author’s research. If supervisors do not have these elements, it becomes revview for the employees to trust or respect them. According to Thahier et al. Age, gender and education play a major role in turnover. These are his feelings toward you, coworkers and position within the company. Conducting commitment interviews also may help in further reducing turnover by singling out employees that enhance their feelings of self- orth a d trust y a age e t fou d that ide tifyi g hara teristi s asso iated ith e ployee s willingness to stay in a job could be used as predictors of job tenure.

By Muhammad Assad Mujtaba. See discussions, stats, and author profiles for this publication at: It is quite common that piterature countries feel more superior to others so if an employee comes from a country considered inferior, even though they have the qualifications for a position, they may not be given because of the bias that they might possibly be incompetent for the position.


Some of the organization stress symptoms witnessed are high absenteeism, high staff turnover, iob morale, reduced safety, and reduced operational capability. The types are intrinsic3 and extrinsic4 motivation. Motivating employees and keeping them satisfied are some of the ways that managers and organizations retain employees and provide excellent service. New citations to this author.


On the other hand, involuntary turnover is deliberately done by organizations to retain high performers and to weed out lower performers.

Articles Cited by Co-authors. The system can’t perform the operation now.

There are influencing conditions in order to have intrinsic and extrinsic effects of motivation. A Case Study of the Chinese Workforce.


However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. Employee Turnover According to Bridger et al. Employers interacting with the employees especially the ones who have stayed longer in the same job would be very informative as management would actually get to know reasons that have kept the workers around and perhaps work harder at retaining them more but also use them as reference points and mentors for the new hires.

A Powerful New Model.

job satisfaction a literature review aziri

Aziristates that there is no agreed upon definition of what job satisfaction is or what it represents; but there is need to consider the nature and importance of the work. Management keeping in touch with the employees is very important especially if they are to prevent, reduce or overcome the challenge of employee turnover. This abstract may be abridged. Management Research and Practice 6 3, Romanian Economic Journal 15 46bis, aziei This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

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