Make the comments for the editor as concise as possible so that your statement is easy to read and remember. There was only one reviewer’s opinion, and it felt a little painless. The requirements for applying are:. Please use the journal homepage link to verify all information prior to submission. I met an expert in this field. Other articles are also at this speed. If no, please tell me what is the best to mention in this section.

Make the comments for the editor as concise as possible so that your statement is easy to read and remember. Organization Fee Student Regular Keynote speaker. Best wishes with your submission, and feel free to reply with any additional questions! I submitted a revision and have now received further comments. Your review informs others about the journal. Here, we expand on that work to discuss our findings that extensive networks of AMF play a significant role in phosphorus and nitrogen cycling by improving the survival of colonized plants in salt-affected systems. May I ask what programs you used?

Abstract and Proceeding – Laboratory of Novel Magnetic Materials

See a sample heading here. Your review informs others about the journal.

jmmm cover letter

If a journal does not require a formal cover letter, it is still in your interest to take this opportunity to let the editor know why you have selected his or her journal for your paper and to make a lettee for considering your manuscript.


All information sourced directly from the journals is subject to change. Here, we expand on that work to discuss carbon storage in emergent wetlands and the important role these ecosystems play in the context of climatic change. I found a reviewer in the middle. Dear Gustavo, Thanks for your lehter and question.

jmmm cover letter

I personally feel that this submission experience is good, I am very happy with my first article. The grant application deadline is the 30th of June.

How to write a great cover letter for a scientific manuscript • Precision Science Editing

All the authors have approved of the submission of the manuscript to this journal. Engineering and Materials Duration of Peer Review: However, before submitting the same, I have checked the manuscripts in different softwares for better expression. I can’t find a reviewer in July. To submit the manuscript for publishing in JMMM please follow next instructions: Show Review in Original Language 2 Thank wanghj29 Your prediction for next year: The requirements for applying are:. However, if you want to be completely consistent, then you can prepare the cover letter in the style required by the journal.

I would not place strong emphasis on your request for the same reviewers, because that could give the impression that you are not confident that other researchers would also give your work a favorable review. To be honest, the few English articles I reviewed were a bad one.

Other articles are also at this speed.



The salutation is a standard greeting e. That is not generally the case though for single-author papers. Feel free to use this template to construct your cover letter, and modify it according to your needs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Avoid presenting numeric details and other highly specific results unless they are essential to your conclusion.

If you have previous publications that provide the context for your study, you can briefly mention them here with the supporting citations.

Select these individuals carefully, and keep these statements polite. I am currently writing a cover letter and I would like to include a citation. Heading and salutation The heading includes the name and title of the Editor-in-Chief or covre editor, the name of the journal, and the date.

Please leave your comments and questions below. On the other hand I have a question regarding citations: The decision about the paper was sent by editor-in-chief to me and in this letter he introduced the handling editor. I hope this helps! Indicates dates you plan to stay in Russia. February 19 with editor.