The Aquino administration has proposed near-city relocation as the most feasible alternative to off-city relocation. Unplanned and uncontrolled urbanization have led to the deterioration of quality of environment and, ultimately, living standards in the region. The course of action in order to reach this goal has been to remove not only the trash blocking the waterways, but also the informal settlers residing along the waterways. Apart from the advantage and political power that NML gained by electing their president as barangay captain and thus increasing their political capital, The NML have learned how to over- come some of the obstacles caused by the red tape of the government. I want to understand the driving forces behind community-led housing initiatives from the per- spective of everyone who is involved in this housing initiative. The Pasig River, a km tidal estuary, was once a center of commerce and political activity in Manila. ADB also recognized that the program is too ambitious and multi-faceted encompassing a wide range of stakeholders with a variety of interests not necessarily linked to the policy agenda vis-a-vis the limited capacity of PRRC to drive policy reforms and lack of well-established mandate and high-level political support ADB

By changing politics from the bottom-up through an increase of collective capabilities, governmental urban develop- ment have a higher chance of being inclusive to the urban poor Mitlin, , Risk perceptions of fires and floods The people of Legarda experience floodings regularly, due to the clogged river system and heavy rainfalls. Until the s, very few developments rose along or near the banks of Pasig River. Mabilin suggests that less concern should be put on urban security of tenure and ownership of homes. Social capital is relational and used to define power structures in social connections and there is a level of hierarchy to consider among carriers of social capital. Follow line of procedures Bridged Gain Forming urban poor federation. Generally, development agencies and the government tend to promote community-led initiatives, bottom up budgeting and local ownership.

To date, around 1, families have been relocated from Estero de Paco since relocation activities started on Iog 9, Not only because of the time and effort invested in the PPHI, but also because the pull factors of becoming a homeowner, and all that the title entails would be lost. Nevertheless, in the new medium rise buildings of the PPHI, the governments concern for adaptation are taken into account.


It aims to upgrade the environmental state of Pasig within 15 years. I dase that the main objective behind the PPHI, is to maintain and protect the assets accessible through this bonded social capital, as well as future opportunities that these resources can present. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? The interviews were semi-structured and followed an interview guide4.

Urban River Rehabilitation and Flood Control: Case Study of the Pasig River System

During the Focused cod- ing I re-valued some of the more infrequent codes, which resulted in their removal or re-coding to similar and more frequently occurring codes. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. However, since the NML have to acse the three meter easement rule, the land that is left for construction in Legarda will be too small to house all of the families of the community. The Aquino administration has proposed near-city relocation as the most feasible alternative to off-city relocation.

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pawig Philippine Statistics Authority If the government wants to relocate the families, they will have to do so within Manila Interview 1, 4, 5, Greenwood Publishing Group, Incorporated. But as one UPA contact pointed out: It also involves resettling squatters along the Pasig and the development of parks by the riverside. About 2, families live in houses on stilts or under the bridges, in sub-human conditions, where they present a danger to themselves and to the vessels using the river.

If we are tired, imagine how the families feel? Re- viewing the evidence on synergy.

ilog pasig case study

Individuals holding a high studdy of valued resources, such as financial capital, political power, ilof authority can have smaller but powerful groups of bonded social capital. The rationale behind choosing a single case study is based on the uniqueness of the case of Legarda Yin, For instance, when it comes to procuring building permits for construction and finding vacant lots for the DSWD to buy: Note that these characteristics are meant to describe the acquisition and accumulation of social capital, they do not exclude one another and can be present simultaneously.


The Pasig River Essay

By working together, these communities can develop concrete suggestions for improvement that are more likely to be taken seriously when they are suggested to local govern- ment agencies. A child playing stud matches can easily burn down the community, and the cost of repairing the homes will strain their savings for the PPHI and risk a forced evacuation Interview 3, 4, 5, Dealing with red tape Currently, one of psig greatest obstacles for the PPHI is acquiring new land in order to complete the construction of the remaining buildings.

However the following are the projected benefits of the project in 20 years PRRC It is only after these procedures are completed that the negotiation with the seller and the DSWD can start. When comparing the bridged social capital that NML have made to the urban poor federation with their bridged social capital to the president, I interpret the bridge between the president and UPA to be relatively weak. iloy

ilog pasig case study

Unlike the suggestions for Community Based Adaptation, where the local needs are prioritised and climate adaptation is mainstreamed to complement these needs Sharma et al. By becoming a part of a larger coalition of urban poor, the voice of the NML has increased, and united it is easier for the urban poor to put pressure on the government Interview 10, Risk, Floods, Adaptation, and Security. Thus, the PPHI also have to find land in other areas of Manila for their construction of medium rise buildings for the community.

During one interview, the cluster leader seemed to be tired of repeating sim- ilar answers from the other cluster leaders, and instead of explaining what my respondent had said word for word, she simply said: Until the s, very few developments rose along or near the banks of Pasig River.

ilog pasig case study