College of Education and Health Professions For students with a catalog year of fall or after, the College of Education and Health Professions requires the following: Deadlines for selecting a thesis topic vary by program; in general, most students select their thesis topic by the end of their sophomore year, at the latest. The honors thesis is a rewarding capstone experience for students and a gateway to research and other creative work beyond the undergraduate years. Begin thinking early about research topics or creative work that you would like to pursue. In your defense, you should be prepared to explain your argument and should be ready to take questions that relate to your thesis or are expansions on something within your thesis. Check back here for the Fall conference date. We tailor honors studies to each discipline, so requirements for honors coursework and the honors thesis vary from college to college.

Preparing students for positions of leadership in organizations of all sizes. Honors Thesis U of A Honors College Current Students Honors Thesis The honors thesis is a rewarding capstone experience for students and a gateway to research and other creative work beyond the undergraduate years. Once you have established what has already been said on your topic, you can then say what contribution your thesis makes to this broader exchange. See link above for specifics. Make a Gift to Fulbright.

The Honors Thesis

University of Arkansas J. Through coursework or examination students demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English intermediate level. Because honors theses are typically focused on the general area of research the faculty mentor studies, honors students are advised to learn about the faculty research interests and contact a prospective faculty mentor early. Toggle navigation Fulbright College Menu. Walton College of Business offers two forms of honors: Regardless of the specific honors program, hoors honors candidates in psychology are encouraged to enroll in as many honors courses, seminars and colloquia as possible, or as required by the honors program they are enrolled in.


University of Arkansas Honors College.

Honors Program Requirements

Individual departments require specific courses selected from a menu of courses within the major. For example, if urak are writing a page paper, there should be sources in the bibliography; if you are writing a 25 page paper, there should be approximately 25 sources in the bibliography; and for an honors thesis of pages, there should be sources, a mix of both primary and secondary.

Preparing students for positions of leadership in organizations of all sizes. In the discipline of International Studies, citations can be given parenthetically in-text or in footnotes. Undergrad Programs For students seeking Bachelor’s Degrees: Once you have completed your research and documented your work in the usrk, you will present your work to your mentor and in some cases, a committee of faculty members in related disciplines.

In most cases honors courses replace courses in the regular curriculum and do not add to the total number of hours required for graduation. Resources and Opportunities for Walton Students We’re here to help.

honors thesis uark

Arkansas Business Hall of Fame Designed to honor, preserve and perpetuate the names and outstanding accomplishments of business leaders who have brought lasting fame to Arkansas. Your college’s honors programs sets the specific guidelines for your honors thesis.

Menu Area Studies International Studies. Will your research require travel to an archive or laboratory? Students complete at least 12 hours of honors coursework in residence and develop and defend a thesis. Ultimately, you should discuss with your thesis supervisor which is the preferred form for your thesis topic. While there is no specific page length required by the Fulbright College Honors Program or University of Arkansas Honors College, an Honors Thesis in International Studies thesiss be no less than 50 pages including notes and bibliography and no more than pages including notes and bibliography.


Unless otherwise agreed with your usrk supervisor, your honors thesis should follow standard style and presentation.

uaek Toggle navigation Main Menu. Seek out faculty members whose work interests you and ask them about current research in your field of interest. About Walton Walton Directory.

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Serve on an advisory board, or collaborate with faculty researchers. Graduation honorx honors in the College of Engineering requires a minimum of 12 hours of honors courses, with at least 6 in engineering, plus an honors thesis.

honors thesis uark

Center for Business and Economic Research. University of Arkansas J. Walton Study Abroad Learn about summer and semester study abroad options.

Walton College of Business. Your support makes honrs difference. Make a Gift to Fulbright. There are two ways to graduate with honors in psychological science. Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace. Toggle navigation Fulbright College Menu.

honors thesis uark