November “, in A. The aim of cognitive psychology was to explore the empirically verifiable foundations of philosophical epistemology. Klemm only accepted Krueger’s holistic paradigm after some hesitation and began rather late to use its peculiar terminology, 40 which suggests that he may have toed the line due to internal pressure from his colleagues at the institute. Wundt was a protagonist of positivist methodology in psychological research, a field that was closely connected to associationist psychology. Child psychology and ethnopsychology were clearly closely related fields of research for Volkelt so that it makes sense to take a closer look at them:

Grobbelaar, Man van die Volk, 13—15 Dudley Kidd, author of a racist book on the psychology of African children, drew the following conclusions from this theory of arrested development in How to cite this article. Prior to entering politics, Verwoerd was considered an exceptional student and achieved great academic success at a young age. Nationalism and Racism in South Africa”, in M. On associationist psychology generally, see H. Massive European ethnocentrism was the hallmark of all stage theories, identifying the lower stages through their deficits.

The widely quoted article by R.

hf verwoerd thesis

In order to bolster support for a republic, the voting age for whites was lowered from twenty-one to eighteen, benefiting younger Thssis speakers, who were more likely to favour a republic, and the franchise was extended to whites in South-West Africamost of whom were German or Afrikaans speakers.

Krueger attempted to relativise Kant’s rationalist and enlightenment stance in order to claim him for a German nationalist tradition.

Professor Otto Klemm was responsible for applied psychology and experimental pedagogics; Professor August Kirschmann for measurement methods and psychology of perception; Professor Friedrich Sander for psychology of the higher functions; and Privatdozent Hans Volkelt for developmental psychology, including child psychology.

Verwoerd was awarded two scholarships for further post-doctoral studies abroad—one by the Abe Bailey Trust to study at the University of OxfordEngland, and another one to continue his studies in Germany.


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Wehner edsPsychologie in Selbstdarstellungen, vol. This section does not cite any sources. On Klemm’s applied psychology see also E. The child’s way of perceiving the world now became the focus of psychological research.

Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd

Wundt’s successor, Krueger, went so far as to regard ethnopsychology as a ferwoerd of developmental psychology, ranking character attributes according to cultural evolutionary stages. In a peculiar circularity, these abilities are used to explain why the “others” are less developed; and this in turn is used as proof of their deficiency.

Ash, “Psychologie”, in F.

hf verwoerd thesis

The questions addressed to ethnographical fieldworkers show that his approach was of a very different quality to the one followed by the Leipzig psychologists; see pp ff. Most of these professors were not thhesis to teach anymore once the Nazis came to power in Gender differences also found an echo in Verwoerd’s teaching.

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid

He was appointed a professor of applied psychology at Stellenbosch University in at the age of 26, and later became head of the sociology department in He became the first professor of applied psychology in Germany in Using the available sources to trace possible influences of the Leipzig psychologists on Verwoerd, I will attempt to reconstruct Verwoerd’s sojourn there.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Nevertheless, Verwoerd must have been familiar with popular “theories” that blamed the libido for the inability of African civilisations to develop, but he was cautious enough to never refer to them in public. Nonetheless, they realised that psychology was unique among the humanities in its search for scientific laws at a time when all other disciplines were strongly influenced by historicism.

He moves from the transformation of an enemy into food towards an explanation of magical thinking, which has to bridge the “gap” as surrogate causality. A man attempts to stop Verwoerd’s bleeding immediately afterwards.


Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Verwwoerd the rearguard fighting by A.

He devoted much attention to welfare work and was often consulted by welfare organisations, while he served on numerous committees. Die belangrikste rede waarom Verwoerd Duitsland besoek het was vir blootstelling aan die mees resente tendense in die internasionale psigologie.

The significance of space and setting : a critical analysis of selected South African fiction

Combining republicanismpopulism and protectionismthe paper helped “solidify the sentiments vwrwoerd most South Africans, that changes to the socio-economic system were vitally needed”.

Verwoerd became Prime Minister in on the death of J. Most overviews of the history of psychology in South Africa mention that Hendrik Verwoerd was a lecturer in psychology before entering politics.

hf verwoerd thesis

Maisels, A life at law: Hendrik Verwoerd is often called the “Architect of Apartheid” [22] [23] [24] for his role in shaping the implementation of apartheid policy when he was minister of native affairs and then prime minister. An illustration of how ‘science’ can be abused” PDF. Ihre sachliche und geschichtliche Notwendigkeit Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig,ppff and critically towards Wundt, pp ff. Verwoerd’s state funeral, attended by a quarter of a million people, [52] was held in Pretoria on 10 Septemberduring which his South African flag -draped casket was laid on an artillery carriage towed by a military truck.

Wundt’s ethnopsychology therefore had a much longer and stronger impact on his successors than did his elementalist psychology. Verwoerd’s main objective in going to Germany was to become acquainted with the latest trends in international psychology.