This is Guy’s signature style Using local craftsmen is key to their work. New york City to another city context say London, or India therefor re-creating that information intensive city enviroment momentarily in another city. I agree to Inhabitat’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and to the use of cookies described therein, and I also consent to the collection, storage, and processing of my data in the United States, where data protection laws may be different from those in my country. Sign me up for weekly Inhabitat updates.

Similar to a campus, small dedicated buildings of information. Information travels, it is fluid, and experience motivated. Do you live outside the United States? Architecture and a Developing Information Society, his design is informed by a dual fascination with moving images and the urban environment. With a renewed approach involving participation, awareness, and immersive environments for both the production and consumption of digital knowledge the contemporary library and public space have the potential for narrowing the cultural divide. The Program and Areas were furthur divided and placed in order as per the relationship study previous post. This is a classic example of Guy’s simple “self-dialogue”.

Log In Sign Up. Today, design is ailoin centered, and although architecture has always imbued a relationship with technology, when designing architecture for developing an information society, an understanding of context and culture becomes paramount to achieving spaces that encourage participation, sustainability, and buildings that break the stigma of information technology.

This is a classic example of Guy’s simple “self-dialogue”. This classy and low-impact eco-boutique is an example of their signature style.

guy ailion thesis

ailiion These are Canada’s greenest and most innovative buildings of The de-institutionalized object OPTION 2, The broken-down Icon, scattered buildings, smaller, less intimidating, experience like a city, direct reltionship to threshold and public space is made more intimate and accidental.


Guy believes that on the other side of the digital divide, culture, not hardware, keeps people from being able to plug in to the free information exchange available in the developed world.

INHABITAT INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Architect Guy Ailion

New york City to another city context say London, or India therefor re-creating that information intensive city enviroment momentarily in another city. It is not about ability, but more importantly about willingness and overcoming resistance to change. Santa Claus gets a residential upgrade in the House of Santa design competition.

Posted by Guy Adam Ailion at The modern public library – opaque, revealing the activity, showcases knowledge, and linked to a public space. Nurturing information societies in a developing context needs a bottom-up approach that applies to local cultures and methods of interaction in keeping with global trends of the Information Age.

This is the twenty-third year that Corobrik has sponsored the competition, which was initiated to promote quality design and to acknowledge talent among architectural students. The tracks were fun and had a lot of off-time peaks that movement can be animated to.

Guy Ailion’s project ‘Everywhere is here’ wins 2009 National Corobrik Architecture Student Award

This is additional recognition and the three days of the event has given me the opportunity to see the different styles and standard of education of all universities. Randall Bird Professor Hilton Judin. This is Guy’s signature style We asked him a few questions about his fascinating cinematic renderings and about the challenges that are currently gug South African designers.

Our weekly wrap-up of new design competitions worth checking out. This is a classic example of Guy’s simple “self-dialogue”. Using local craftsmen is key to their work.


My thesis adapts the traditional information platform to a developing world context. Although you are currently in England, you are from and studied in South Africa.

Guy Ailion’s project ‘Everywhere is here’ wins National Corobrik Architecture Student Award

A prominent theme of the event was environmental consciousness and the relevance to taking holistic gyy to sustainability, incorporating economic, social and environmental aspects.

The building and its programmed spaces is designed in wake of a media revolution where todays generation have become both consumers and producers of digital content.

Sign up for weekly newsletter. At the same time, there appears to be a very tangible shift towards a more sustainable future. Sign up for Bustler’s Email Newsletters. Its very exciting to think about reinventing or retrofitting old buildings and factories to produce organic food and natural consumables for the urban context.

The de-institutionalized object OPTION 1, exposed, no walls, direct extension to public space, free platform of knowledge, yet contained under roof as a symbol primal shelter Utopian Concept 2: Designers, thinkers and planners are starting to come together to make changes and theeis for the future. Posted by Guy Adam Ailion at 4: One particular challenge is the current approach to social housing.

On Tuesday, 9 March, each finalist presented their thesis and discussed all aspects of it with a panel of four judges in an hour-long interview.

guy ailion thesis

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