Old cat with anal leakage

Cat diarrhea is a very common presenting complaint among cats brought into my office for examination. In general, it is one of the most frequent reasons cats are taken to see the veterinarian. Diarrhea occurs in kittens, adult cats, geriatrics, males and females and all breeds. It has many different causes, almost too many to. What is the discharge coming from my cats bottom? - PetPlace Katie. Age: 27. body of a GODDESS Are there normal stools in the litter box? by diane (ma). QUESTION: My female cat who is 14 years old has been leaking feces all over the house. It is not solid but just a small amount of liquid. Outside the cat box is just a few small drops but on my bed it is the size of a quarter to a half dollar. What could this be and how can I help her? Hi, Diane: Well, it could be. Melody. Age: 20. Are you looking for the ultimate upscale companion who will pamper and spoil you? Have Pet Questions? Dec 23, - He expressed her anal glands and used what he found for a sample and injected her with a steroid, two antibiotics, Vitamins B and C, and an anti-diarrheal. On Thursday I took her to my regular vet that I use for my dog (my cat is horrible in the car and the vet is kind of far which is why I didn't take her there  Kitten with diarrhoea and leaking poop. Feb 9, - wet runny mucus leaking from my cat's bum Senior cats. My 9 year old neutered male cat, Bindo, has a lot of yellowy/light brown mucus secreting from his rectum, and his fur in that area is all matted and wet, as well. The area looks somewhat . If it is you might be looking at an anal gland issue. My cat  Mylo, my cat, has a discharge from his anus and is sick.

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Kirsten. Age: 23. No sexual services Nov 11, - Dr. Marty Becker explains cat anal gland problems — and offers solutions so that yous cat can feel better. Plus, he explains why they exist. Oct 10, - The anal sacs in cats, also referred to as “scent glands,” are basically pockets on either side of the anus, each of which is about the size of a pea. They are lined with glandular tissue that secretes a smelly discharge which contributes to territorial marking and is expressed during times of fear or anxiety. Apr 4, - Anyway since jan/feb his bum has been leaking, not only from his anal glands but very watery pooh, leaving puddles around the house, on the side, bedcovers, We got our two kittens a few weeks ago, they were 14 weeks old when we got them and we originally strictly followed the breeders feeding.


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