All possibilities are opened up once they understand how to use fundamentals. I honestly thought she would leave me because she was back in Lithuania! All images are referenced first. So take it as my opinion and nothing more. I was on a packed metro and told the person in front of me that I was getting off at the next station.

The answer is simple. Keep in mind different locations have different quality for chain restaurants. Housing — It took me a month to find a suitable place. The more you do the more you learn. Thursday, October 3, “Not a game Newer Post Older Post Home.

fzd school homework

While researching the school I stumbled onto an alumni named Darius Kalinauskas. They can tackle new subject matters and pickup design languages quickly.

Drawing Post: FZD Term 1 – Fundamentals

Very pleasant staff and they just asked general questions. I found out I spent hrs doing nothing! Reason being the first month I had to homewkrk different prices for the same things. This is fzs we only introduce 3D software half way into a term. There are vending machines with drinks and coffee too.

If you need to learn how to get into a routine then schooling with a professional is the best way to go.

A Student’s Perspective Studying At FZD School Of Design

I have adapted a new approach, rather than start a sketch and follow it through one at a time, I now work on various drawings in layers. You have to understand this is not a typical school where you have a fixed amount of homework that takes everyone the same amount of time.


This is a big part of the professional concept art industry. This helps give the image some pop which distracts from the loose feel and even some of the errors.

He suggested I do the same.

fzd school homework

Financially you have to be ready to pay the tuition obviously. With 14 weeks in a term, students get a pretty wide coverage of subject matters.

fzd school homework

Overall I feel good about it but there is some distortion in the perspective that was due to a bit of tunnel vision. I went over budget a bit with that. I also highly recommend skimming their YouTube channel for some neat promo videos. So we grabbed tutorials, dissected student work from said schools and included old fashioned practice techniques.

We then quickly realized the financial reality, that shit ain’t happening. It took me 3 weeks but I sent it along with works that I had from my previous studies.

Drawing with traditional materials and swapping techniques. It really shows how much can happen in 1 year with the right teaching and dedicated practice. So in my mind changing careers was a very risky thing. I needed to take more frequent steps back homedork review. I made a point to find an image where I could move the composition around. The idea is to draw but do so with careful attention to form through the breakdown of simple shapes, so detail isn’t the most important.


So take it as my opinion and nothing more. That is why I say a determined mind with a very clear goal is the key.

They will definitely guide you and advise you on what should be in your portfolio, and what to leave out. By knowing how to calculate forms in perspective, students are able to design almost dzd subject matter.

I mean his work still blows me away today. Tools are use to assist the designer, not the other way around. Housing — It took me a month to find a suitable place.

A Student’s Perspective Studying At FZD School Of Design

We then assign ourselves digital homework along side tutorials to watch as well. There are a lot of amazing production art schools out there. Thus, students must first understand how to “think” and “see” in 3D.