The manufacturing of products in factories to meet the growing demand of society is also causing air pollution. The Importance of Studying English. It arouses the feelings of the readers. Uncollected Rubbish and Clogged Drains. English have been given a one in a million chance to study in an excellent school. The driver stopped his taxi in front of a tall building. The stagnating water attract the mosquitoes to lay egg and breeding on the areas.

The government in advanced countries encourage their citizens to take the public buses and trains by providing an affordable and efficient transportation system. One of their neighbours, R. It shows the triumph of the human spirit in the face of indomitable obstacles. The successful completion of the airport well ahead of schedule reflects the ability of Malaysians to build a world-class airport that has become the pride of the country. Can u please check back here for performing your language. Ahmad Harun bin Hashim.

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After that they moved the damaged car and the motorcycle to the essqy to ease the traffic congestion. As the representative of the community, I am calling to tell you that the odd residents living in Taman Sentosa are extremely unhappy about the lackadaisical attitude of the local town council towards the uncollected rubbish and clogged drains in our area.

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After inspecting the damage caused by the fire, En. Dravyaa Yajnaah Monday, February 04, See our narrative essay samples to learn how to express your own story in words. There is only one period of recess time for all forms.


essay writing examples spm

Story a Letter Writing an Empty Letter 3. First and foremost, English will definitely help you a lot when you want to further studies. Nizam was worried, deep in his heart he knew that he had very good neighbours, edsay who would stand by him in good times and bad.

When writing test are commonly assigned pieces can i want to learn your friend and essays. Writng all books at university are written in English in all subjects.

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Some sweepers were clearing the debris and the blood stains on the road. Another point in support of living in the city is the available of jobs. They mean no harm. It is situated in the Sepang district, approximately 50 km from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. I enjoyed reading every page of the book. Example essay informal letter spm You will spm them down badly if you do not essayy what writing expected of you. I was happy to see that Malaysians are public-spirited and they render help to others readily.

It is also not responsible of them to affect non-smokers with second-hand smoke.

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Thus, for all the reasons mentioned above, I think that life in the city is better than living in the countryside. For entertainment, there is only the occasional festive celebration or marriage feast or fishing outing.


Thank you for sharing. As a result, we are robbed of beautiful sea corals and unique species of fishes. Cmon he just asking if theres any writiing language essay So she would not let Sam help her do any household chores or wash his own clothes.

This is unlike the cities where if the garbage trucks do not collect the rubbish disposed by household or restaurants, the city will writinng overflowing with rubbish! They were probably afraid of my Rottweiler.

The language is certainly practical when you are lost in your trip. On a more positive note, I commend the Malaysia Amateur Athletic Union for its zero-tolerance of smoking because they know that smoking and health just do not mix. Knowing English well, therefore, make travelling overseas easier. Essay on colors indian culture wikipedia an essay about shopping article spm fat an english essay letter success about characterization nutrition month.

Staying in a secure, safe place does not allow for one to gain new experiences and grow in maturity. There were also a few students taking the examination in the hospital.