The area of land under Kakatiya control reached its zenith around the 13th century CE during the rule of Ganapati Deva. Prasad , p. Kakatiya lithic records hail the Sudras as the bravest of the four Varnas and also the best. Previous Story Crime in India Report: In the year , he put an end to the rule of the Telugu Cholas, who accepted his suzerainty.

The Kings of Kakatiya dynasty followed this Nayakara system very admirably. The rulers are children of their predecessors, unless otherwise specified. He encouraged merchants to trade abroad, abolishing all taxes except for a fixed duty and supporting those who risked their lives to travel afar. A moat and numerous bastions were also constructed. Interestingly, the community of Brahmins besides being scholars and teachers also acted as Dandanayakas or commanders and Amatyas or ministers. Ventakaramanayya , p.

There is also a view that Kakatiya polity is an integrative polity. The traces of painting that are found on ceilings of the pillared halls of the temples at Ghanapur and Palampet bear testimony to the painting skill of that period. Built a huge tank at Anumakonda.

A Complete list of Kakatiya Rulers and their contribution

This success against the Turkish arms took place in the battle of Upparapalli, where Potuganti Maili is said to have put the enemies to flight.

He is said to have left [Orugallu] for the northeast after anointing Prataparudra’s son as monarch. A brother of Prataparudra II, Annamaraja, has been associated with ruling what eventually became the princely state of Bastar during the British Raj period. Previous Story Crime in India Report: The greatest Sanskrit poets of this age were Vidyanadha and Jayapasenani.

Much of the information about the Kakatiya period comes from inscriptions, including around 1, stone inscriptions, and 12 copper-plate inscriptions. Therefore, Sastry dismisses Charlu’s theory as untenable.


Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty – India the Destiny

The family name was often prefixed to the name of the monarch, giving constructs such as Kakatiya-Prataparudra. Succeeded his brother Rudradeva but ruled only for three years.

Further scholars like Spencer, Brackenbridge, and Appadurai also opine that by religious patronage, kings enhanced their royal authority. List of Chalukya Rulers and their contribution. The Bayyaram tank inscription, which records the construction of Dharma-kirti-samudra tank by Ganapati’s sister Mailama or Mailambaprovides another genealogical list. The Kakatiyas claim that esssy belonged to the Durjaya family whose very remote ancestor Karikalachola founded Kakatipura.

Though there are strong references to the worship of Buddhism, it had lost its impetus and Buddha has been identified with Vishnu and Buddhism was absorbed into Brahmanical religion. Some of the fibres in the fabric of Kakatiya polity united the rulers directly to their primary subordinates, others led from these subordinates to different tiers of associates in a densely ramified pattern.

He was the first independent ruler of Kakatiyas. Chronology of the Telugu peopleAndhra Pradeshand Telangana history. Northwestern India Punjab – Sapta Sindhu.

Generally, in the process of succession, they followed the law of primogeniture essag as already referred; a woman coming to the throne was a remarkable exception. Ancient and Modern names of Indian Rivers.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

These inscriptions primarily document grants to brahmansand appear to be inspired by the genealogies of the imperial Cholas. Altogether, the five independent Kakatiya rulers left behind only 26 inscriptions documenting their religious gifts spanning over a period of years Rudradevas — six grants; Mahadeva — one Ganapatideva independently — 14 and with Rudramadevi — one; Rudramadevi independently cynasty 4 and Prataparudra — 4.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

Dommana had performed a religious ceremony called Karpati-vrata for Gundyana, for which he received the village as an agrahara. Venna, said to have been born in the family of Durjaya, is the earliest known Kakatiya chief. Some of the monarchs also had alternate names; for example, Venkata and Venkataraya may have been alternate names of Prataparuda I, with the former appearing on a coin in the form Venkata-Kakatiya.


As per the “Prataparudra Yashobhushanam” written by Vidyanadha, Kakatiyas got their name because they worshipped the goddess called “Kakati”. Prataparudra esssay to submit once morewith his obeisance on this occasion being arranged by the sultanate to include a very public display whereby he bowed towards Delhi from the ramparts of Orugallu.

The temples at Nandigonda contain richly furnished Mandapa pillars and ceilings.

Kakatiya dynasty

Learn how your comment data is processed. Both agriculture and trade and commerce, particularly long distance trade acted as a catalyst in carrying the Kakatiya state and making it economically sound.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

Pala dynasty Kamboja-Pala dynasty. InPrataparudra formed a part of the sultanate forces that attacked the Pandyan empire in the south, and he took advantage of that situation to quell some of his vassals in Nellore who had seen his reduced status as an opportunity for independence. Jayapasenani was the author of Nrityaratnauali and Gitaratnavali. They took care to see that the territorial segments were properly divided and ruled effectively by loyal officials.