Oxford University Press, , Americans had founded a feudal aristocracy in the South, and segregation and inequality reigned in the North. I believe firmly that our contemporaries can make us great as well as prosperous, but only on the condition that we remain free. With this paper, I hope to have made two central points clear. They underscore how an increasingly extermi- nationist war could be rationalized with resources drawn from liberal republicanism itself.

Although a subtle account, even this work tends to generalize about a tradition of liberal thinking that, in fact, has been much more heterogeneous in its views on empire than he implies. Cornell University Press, , It visibly enters the period of its decline. In Democracy in America, Tocqueville showed that associational activity curbed individualisme by providing citizens concrete ways of exercising political participation and self-rule DA 67— As numerous historians have shown, Bonapartist culture bound glory indissolubly to the spirit of self-defense. Tocqueville Selected Letters ,

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And that social state was intractable hostility to France. They expressed, but could not alter, the social state of those they ruled. Focqueville in Paris inthe French philosopher is regarded as one of the founding fathers of liberalism. Florentine political thought and the Atlantic republican tradition.

essay on algeria tocqueville

Indeed, Tocqueville appears to have learned more from Napoleon than perhaps he was willing to admit. In his recent book Liberalism and Empirefor example, Uday Mehta has tocquecille one important side of the story of liberal imperialism; but his liberal tradition tocwueville a rather static one, a tradition whose persistent blindness to the emotional power of territory has made it prone to imperialism.


Only under liberty can we share those powerful emotions which raise and sustain us above our individual selves.

American Political Science Association. Extreme peril does not always impel a todqueville to https: Bentham had first worked out some of his anti-colonial arguments in Emancipate Your Colonies! In contrast, the number of Algerians killed, often directly through massacres such as those at Dahra, exceeded tens of thousands.

Liberalism and empire: Tocqueville on Algeria

If democratic self-government could not be resurrected from within, Tocqueville was willing to seek an external solution, one that required using weaker peoples as instruments.

Tocqueville and Downloaded from https: Armed marauding will long outlast war itself. He was espe- cially preoccupied with the abolition of primogeniture which altered the form of the social in observable ways.

essay on algeria tocqueville

Second, they believed that the growth of commerce had driven modern individuals out of politics and into the private realm, the realm of commercial pursuits and family matters, leaving a political vacuum that the state would fill all too eagerly. Oxford University Press, While Tocqueville and Constant shared a suspicion of strong central power, then, their accounts of the evolution of such power were radically different, with significant implications for their judgments about empire.

Yale University Press, ff. University of Chicago Press, This paper has discussed a key moment in the French side of this story.


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Richard Bentley, Princeton University Press, Henceforth whenever they lost their liberty they also lost their honor. Mehta, Liberalism and empire: Battles like Valmy in September had proved that the age of democracy had earned its own idioms of glory.

Colonies, Commerce, and Constitutional Lawed. Even if France wanted a peaceful settler society, Algerians would refuse it because of their warrior ethos. Dssay he wrote in during the period of his great interest in the Algerian enterprise. But where these com- parisons had once served to draw the two societies closer together, they now served to measure the distance between them.

Thus, Tocqueville came to square the realities of colonial terror with the demands of glory in a different way: Tocqueville wholeheartedly supported the strategy. You have no right to the natural products of the country where you land, and you claim a right over your fellow men. The essay he wrote in upon returning from his first journey shows Tocqueville at his most algeri. France by had long lost most overseas territories to its great rival Britain.

William Hazlitt New York:

essay on algeria tocqueville