Azad supported dialogue with Jinnah and the Muslim League between and over a Congress-League coalition and broader political co-operation. If not granted, the Congress would adopt the goal of complete political independence for India. Retrieved 14 June One by one, the Congress leaders bowed before the Akhtar Siddiqui empower ment thr ough education global context Globalization and Issues of Minor ities Hangzhou inevitability of partition, but Azad-like Gandhi – could never be reconciled to it. Thanks for sharing a nice information.

Although Azad and other leaders were soon arrested, the movement drew out millions of people in peaceful processions, strikes and protests. New winds of change began to blow. Azad initially evoked surprise from other revolutionaries, but Azad won their praise and confidence by working secretly to organise revolutionaries activities and meetings in Bengal , Bihar and Bombay now called Mumbai. Views Read Edit View history. One by one, the Congress leaders bowed before the Akhtar Siddiqui empower ment thr ough education global context Globalization and Issues of Minor ities Hangzhou inevitability of partition, but Azad-like Gandhi – could never be reconciled to it.

People felt, when he talked of certain values and standards, that he not only knew what he was talking about but was preaching what he had practised in his life. Along with fellow Khilafat leaders Dr. Despite his affinity for Gandhi, Azad also drew close to the young radical leaders Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Bose, who had criticised the delay in demanding full independence.

While Gandhi and others expressed scepticism of this clause, Azad argued that Jinnah’s demand for Pakistan would be buried and the concerns of the Muslim community would be assuaged. The essence of this principle is a large and wide hearted toleration in which differences are recognized and given their due. Azad stood by Gandhi with most other Congress leaders, but reluctantly endorsed the Congress’s exit from the assemblies in following the inclusion of India in World War II.


He always supported the cause of Hindu-Muslim unity and opposed the demand for a separate Muslim state of Pakistan.

Abul Kalam Azad

The book is basically a collection of 24 letters he wrote addressing his close friend Maulana Habibur Rahman Khan Sherwani. Reply Enter your comment It has great importance in the life of He is commonly remembered baul Maulana Azad ; the word Maulana is an honorific meaning ‘Our Master’, and he had adopted Azad Free as his pen name.

He began to spin his own clothes using khadi on ih charkhaand began frequently living and participating in the ashrams organised by Gandhi. At the time, India, though free, was reeling through the years of exploitation and the nation was suffering from widespread illeteracy. Azad was imprisoned, together with the entire Congress leadership.

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The main gate Gate No. However, he was equally appreciative of and conversant with the other the Role of NCTE aspect of his cultural heritage — the Indian heritage and the total modern heritage Esaay education and ICT: Global context, policy and framework of the age which cuts across the East — West barriers. It is often said that his book India wins Freedom is about his political life and Ghubar-e-Khatir deals with his social and spiritual life.

He served as Congress president from toduring which the Quit India rebellion was launched. NPE and POA and reiterated these objectives of education and envisaged evaluation of textbooks from the point of view of promotion of secularism and social and national integration. Post India’s independence, the learned turned their focus to education as they telugj it would be a fundamental pillar in nation building. Azad’s tomb is a major landmark and receives large numbers of visitors annually.

He set up a section of Social Education in the Ministry of Education in Inthe telug of India posthumously awarded her patriotic son, the highest civilian honour – “the Bharat Ratna’. Patel opposed Azad and Nehru’s proposal to reserve the houses vacated by Muslims who had departed for Pakistan for Muslims in India displaced by the violence.


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essay on abul kalam azad in telugu

The Indian genius always recognized that truth has many facets and conflict and hatred arise because people claim a monopoly of truth and virtue He came back to Calcutta with his family in Kalamm welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Express News Service, Expressindia. Find this comment offensive?

Azad was essentially concerned with the basic educational problem of shaping of hearts and minds of his fellow men and women.

essay on abul kalam azad in telugu

His father Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Khairuddin bin Ahmed AlHussaini wrote twelve books, had thousands of disciples, and claimed noble ancestry, [5] while his mother was Sheikha Alia bint Mohammad, the daughter of Sheikh Mohammad bin Zaher AlWatri, himself a reputed scholar from Medina who had a reputation that extended even outside of Arabia. He is an eminent scholar and academician and has worked in axad.

essay on abul kalam azad in telugu

He tirelessly advocated for a single India that would embrace both Hindus and Muslims while strongly opposing the partition of British India into independent India and Pakistan. Maulana Azad worked for Vakila newspaper qzad Amritsar. I have no doubt that the establishment of this Institute will form a landmark in the progress of higher technological education and research in the country.